What do you mean we’re not going home yet?

But Mummy and Impostor are home!

Can’t believe it!!! You mean we get to run around some more and I get to cuddle with Kolo one more night?You see, Mummy, I got to know Kolo this past week.

As you know, I usually bark at Staffies because they scare me a little. At the start of the week, I stayed away from him.But the others, George and Winston – they had no problems with Kolo.And then I became curious about him.Before long, I was walking along side Kolo.We frolicked And played togetherAnd he even wanted to take naps with me. And I let him.

You see, Kolo wasn’t always like that. Once upon a time, he was nervous and afraid of everything – books, bin bags, people, especially men …He was part of a litter but no one wanted him. For most of the first year of his life, he was locked up in a cage with his mum.  Then someone finally took him but again the new owner decided to give him away after a few months. That’s when Agnes and Pavel took him in and gave him a home he deserves.Since then he’s been their babyGone are those days when everything around him was scary When he didn’t understand the world.Today, he is loved and he feels secure.

As wonderful as they are, like all hoomans, they made him wear funny things! And then take photos of him. LOL!So Mum, I have learnt not to judge a book by its cover.  Kolo is not like all the other big dogs. Kolo gives out positive energy, he is sweet and he si protective of me.

May’s comment: After being away for a week, I knew I had things to do and quickly asked Agnes if she could keep them for another night. Better, I thought to have them run and have fun than to follow me around all day trying to catch up on work things and a million things to do.

I must admit that it felt wonderful to be able to get into my PJs after a shower in the evening – and not have to think about taking them out for their last walk – that’s what living in a flat entails.  To not have eyes constantly following you around, watching your every move. When you can’t eat anything and not have them staring at you. And not having to tell them to STAY when you leave the home because they immediately eye you – watching to see if you’re going to pick up their leashes. And then find myself running home as soon as possible so they’re not at home alone long.

But I did have Lyra for a few hours – and realised it has been awhile since I’ve been with a dog.  I cheated.As for Darcy and Kolo, it was lovely to see her bond with another. As you know, she’s rather aloof. One of the good things about letting her stay at either House of Mutt or with Agnes, she is socialising with other dogs there other than just cockapoos. And though at first wary of big dogs, she learns to get on with them. She is actually curious and when she realises that they will not “attack” her and they are not mean, she rather enjoys their company.

As for sleeping with another dog at close proximity, she’s ever only done so with her first best buddy, Zavia (her velcro sister), rarely with George, and now Kolo,

Staffies usually get such a bad name – but we know there are really no bad dogs (oh, yes, I know some!) but irresponsible and bad humans.


  1. Laura Cordovano

    What a sweet story! Darcy made a very good friend it seems. I love Kolo. What a great dog. Can’t wait to see the reunion pictures. Xo

  2. Monica Gale

    Aww isn’t it lovely that she connected with Kolo, they look so cute snuggled up together <3

  3. Denise

    I have a Staffy and a Spoodle and they love playing together. So pleased that Kolo has shown Darcy not all big dogs are mean!

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