Where have you been?!?!?

We had a very muddy walk this morning.  We would NEVER be allowed to do that when we’re walking with Mummy, so this was a little unusual.Right after that walk, we went on the tube, and then on a bus. And we found ourselves back in London – on familiar Kings Road. But what were we doing here?

Agnes started walking and crossed the street and then we know why. There across the street was Mummeeeee!!!!!!

There was a lot of excitement – as you can imagine! We haven’t seen Mummy for almost 10 days!Kisses!HugsKisses from GeorgeKisses from MummyKiss you right back!Group hugHappy Mummy! And then reality hits home.  The reason why we were on Kings Road …And all that early morning muddy walk …Just to make our bath at Purple Bone worth the while!

May’s comment: Or rather, observations from Agnes.

Soon after the initial recognition and excitement, and I had their leashes in my hand, they both started barking at an approaching wired hair Fox Terrier.  
Agnes was surprised. She said never once did they behave in such a manner.  Could this be them “protecting me”?

George never did a runner the whole week. Agnes was a bit nervous to begin with – his reputation precedes him. But from day one, he was off leash and he never wandered far from the group. Could it be that in Kensington Gardens, he thinks that’s his territory?

He was also very sociable and played with all the dogs.But the one he played with most was Darcy. In fact, they loved playing with each other.Agnes reported that they LOVE each other. Surprise! Really? Darcy loves George?

She recalled that the time when Darcy stayed with her on her own, she looked sad.  This time with George there, she was always happy.

Oh, so, little Miss D. You really do like your little brother after all.



  1. Cheryl

    What a happy reunion! I love the wagging tails and the barks of joy!

  2. Sandy


  3. Monica Gale

    Oh this warms my heart beyond belief <3 Happy and together again <3

  4. Sandra Curran

    Fozzie kept looking behind the phone he couldn’t make out where all the barking was coming from 😂. Hope you enjoy your bath Darcy and George xx

  5. Margaret Danks

    Maggiedog was looking for the barking doggies lol. Such a joyous reunion 🐾❤️

  6. Laura Cordovano

    So wonderful. Thanks for sharing this. Xo

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