What does he want?

You know the party trick that Georgie does? 

He sits on his hind legs and raises his front paws like thisLooks at you and starts to paw both his front legs.

And the hoomans he engages with would exclaim with delight – “Oh my god! That’s adorable!” or “Where did he learn how to do that?

Well, Mummy taught us both to say “Please” (not beg) whenever she gave us treats.  George quickly learnt that he got the right responses every time he did that – he would be gratified with treats or attention. He has an insatiable appetite for attention … he does it again and again – whether it is to Mummy, to people he knows or even strangers.

Sometimes even when he’s in Mummy’s arms, he still asked for attention.

What does he want?” the hoomans would ask. Mummy would always say, “He’s saying, please.

But I don’t have anything to give you,” they would say. “He just wants attention,” Mummy explained.

Two nights ago, we were getting ready for bed, and George was doing his usual – grab his teddy or any toy for that matter and wanted Mummy to chase him. Mummy used to do this play time but now she would just let him get on with it, and know that when he did not get the attention, would then jump into bed. Well, two nights ago, one of George’s teddy was left on the chair and he didn’t feel comfortable jumping up to get it.  He looked at it, and then sat on his hind legs and started to paw  the air!  He was asking for his teddy!

Mummy was simply surprised …

May’s comment: George wasn’t using his trick to seek attention as we knew he would do every single time, but he was asking me to get the teddy for him! Completely delighted to know he completely understood his actions.  He was using his “communication” to ask for other things.

I taught both Darcy and George to say “please.” Darcy knows to do that and more tricks when it involves treats. But George had taken what he had learnt to a wider application. He translated his treat reward to attention seeking and now he’s using his “air pawing” to ask for things.

This little guy also surprised me with a full agility course run (except for the weave) with a trainer his first time around – when I didn’t think he would be brave enough to do it.

He’s a little guy with big attitude, yet fearful of many things. And as I have found out, still quite a delicate little thing. Yet, his little mind is very sharp and he engages and learns quickly.  He continues to surprise me.

Don’t like to compare but I think Darcy never had to fight for anything and she does the minimal required. But she loves her treats and the only time she would do anything – for food rewards. George’s survival instincts probably sharpened his mind. He continually engages with people. Love them both for who they are!



  1. Sian Widner

    Oh he is just so cute!!!

  2. Cheryl and Susie

    George is so adorable ! x

  3. Margaret Danks

    Oooh I could just snuggle into that wee belly lol

  4. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Gorgeous George…??

  5. Lisa King

    Oh George! What a smart boy! He looks a little like a dog/tree sloth hybrid (too bad there isn’t such a thing; it would be a great idea). So cute!

  6. Linda

    What a doll! How can you resist that face! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Lucy Cronin

    I ❤️ George!! He is so cute. I ❤️Miss Darcy, too, but she is so proper. My Luca is across between George (a black pistol) & Miss Darcy ( a sweet cockapoo).

  8. Kathy Shoulders

    George is so cute! I had a Pomeranian that used to do that too. Awfully hard to resist!

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