What happens on a Bank Holiday weekend?

We were so excited getting into the car with Mummy on Saturday. We were approaching the park when we got out of the car. But instead of heading towards the park we went inside a shop. It turned out to be a kitchen shop. That’s promising. Kitchen means food.

But first we had to sit down for a meeting with the man in the shop.
IMG_5873 Ahhh, the man is bringing some refreshments.IMG_5878But alas, not for us. Well, I’m not interested in the meeting then. IMG_5882Time to take a wander to see if there’s any food in any of these “kitchens”IMG_5861Seems rather barren …IMG_5862What’s in this room?IMG_5863We went across the road to a more promising place. This is not just kitchen but specifically fridges – where food is stored.IMG_5896Oooh! This is more like it …IMG_5885 I can’t see but I can smell!IMG_5887 Yes!!! IMG_5888My sniffer is doing well. As always, I get told to get “DOWN!”

Off we went. Are we going to the park now? No, we had to go to Duke of York Square as Mummy had to return something.

Oh no, then it started to rain! Why does it always have to rain every Bank Holiday? Maybe if we don’t call it a Bank Holiday, then it won’t rain.

So instead of the park, we went to Biscuiteers as a treat for a rainy day. But Mummy, we don’t mind the rain. You know it’s really a treat for yourself. We just get to go in and smell things. IMG_5917Well, ok you did buy us a treat.

Then we went home because it was raining … and waited for Charlie to come play.IMG_5946Look! Even Charlie’s bored on a rainy Bank Holiday weekend!IMG_5994Maybe supper would break up the nothingness of the day.IMG_5952 What’s for supper?IMG_5953

May’s comment: Bank Holidays = rain!

In the UK, the public holidays are called Bank Holidays. In England there are eight of them – New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day, Spring Bank Holiday, Summer Bank Holiday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day – not all are linked to festivities.

This started back in 1871. The name Bank Holiday came from the time when the banks were shut on those days and therefore no trading could take place. These days Bank Hoildays mean tourists come into London for shopping – so most stores are open! I think for my next bank holiday we’re going to get out of London and probably go to the Rimington Leisure Park in the Ribble Valley and enjoy some relaxing countryside peace.

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