Zzzzzz …

That’s Charlie resting his head on Mummy – he came stay over last night.

IMG_5954Mummy is loving it. What do you think?IMG_5956 And then he snuggled up next to her.IMG_5957 On the other side, sleeps George and I.IMG_5958 Together. IMG_5960This is interesting as George usually sleeps at the end of the bed at Mummy’s feet. But whenever Charlie stays over, he decides to take other “prime” position in case he’s no longer number 2 and becomes number 3.

Charlie doesn’t stay all night on the bed. In fact, he soon goes down on the floor and he sleeps there the whole night.IMG_5961 When morning comes, we all get up for our stretchesIMG_5965 While George jumps up on Mummy and stares her down till she gets up! LOL!IMG_5964We all went for Sunday Brunch and a walk before we said goodbye to Charlie.IMG_6076He was happy to see his DaddyIMG_6078So was Georgie.

“Bye, Charlie!”  Till the next time.IMG_6080May’s comment: As we walked away, Charlie kept his eyes on us the whole time till we were out of sight.  Love that little guy. Sweet soul. Always sad to leave him and always happy to have him stay.  Love the snuggles.


  1. Jocelyn

    Luv Charlie, and he certainly luvs u his dad looks pretty cool too X

  2. Margaret Danks

    handsome family lol

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