What we got for Mum …

You know our Gallery Wall in the study, well, there’s still space for a few more.

There’s still space to be filled.

With that in mind, this is what we got for Mum.

Instead of another painting, we had our heads felted by Velvet Mushroom.  We thought this would give her gallery wall a bit of three-dimension.

Look at my signature fringe! And we chose our scarf colours.

But then a couple of weeks ago, we met Rose Hill 

There were some really funky art!!!!
They are all larger than life!!!
Mum, these are very large cats next to me!
We asked if she could draw us – as a present for Mum! These would do very well on our gallery wall – and she was delighted!

And voila! What do you think?

Me with some sassy glasses and George with his bow tie.
Rose said they’re in the post – to arrive before Christmas!

But we had also had these two personalised Christmas ornaments by Ginger Felts. 

From one of Mum’s favourite books that she used to read to her kiddies – Guess How Much I Love You …
“I love you right up to the moon and back” – the rabbits were made to match our colours – and personalised.

We have a very small tree – for now. But maybe one day the tree might get bigger and these will hang nicely.

But she can’t take any of the above with her everywhere. We wanted to get her something she can use every day. And we came across these personalised phone cases. If it wasn’t for a friend of ours recommending that we should check out these photo phone cases (or foto handyhülle as they’d say in Germany), we probably wouldn’t have known what to get our mom. It’s such a great gift for anyone in all honesty.

You know how Mum lives with her phone day and night – so this will make her very happy.

May’s comment: Loving all these “pressies” from my pooches.  Love supporting local businesses.

Was at Things British gift shop at St. Pancras when I saw the sweetest felted animals made by Velvet Mushroom. Checked them out and saw the range of things they do – and just love these felt sculpted head.

Look at Darcy’s fringe and strand of white on George’s head!

Love the details – their little noses. Had one made for Barnaby.

Look at the detail – the nose and his muzzle – and his ears!!!!

And then had my two on her waiting list since September! Waiting for their full bodied versions sometime next year.

Rose Hill is a graphic artist and makes Make Your Pet Famous greeting card series. She turns some of the artwork into cards. And you can have them made into Christmas cards for your own use. 

I “met” Trudie of Ginger Felts on Facebook. Loved the Christmas star she made for her daughter and thought they make fab pressies. She customised the colour of the bunnies.

Loving this phone case with pics of my pooches on them from Pets United.


  1. Julie James

    Absolutely adore Barnaby made by Velvet Mushroom! It’s just perfect! Darcy and George look amazing too! 😍

  2. Liz Burman

    These are so cute. They have Darcy down to a tee. Happy Christmas May, Darcy and George. How quickly the year has flown by, it only seems like five minutes ago I was reading about your adventures in the Artic Circle!😘😘😘🎄🎄🎄

  3. Cheryl

    You find the most fabulous presents! The felted Darcy and George are amazing! The paintings and ornaments are incredible! I also have a phone case with my granddoodle on it, not the grandkids, just the dog-ha-ha! I couldn’t get all 3 of them to sit still and smile.
    Merry Christmas!

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