Five more days

Are you done shopping for pressies? 

This is what it will look like if you waited till the last minute.  Like me, you’ll be pushing the car all the way home!

Or get a bigger car, I suppose!
And while I was trying to get going, I got bamboozled by a Dutch tourist – not sure why she needed to strangle me for a photo?!?!?!?!

Woo hoo! Another Chanel bottle was found at Covent Garden.

I wanted to buy this for Mum for Christmas.
But when I went to Chanel – they brought me down to earth and showed me how big the red bottle really is. Fantasy vs Reality!

But we’ve done all our Christmas pressies and now just wanting to enjoy this most wonderful time of the year.

One of the halls of Covent Garden
A massive deer to help Santa with his very heavy sleigh
Isn’t it just majestic?

We were in Covent Garden to meet friends for lunch.  It is part of the whole lead up to Christmas – getting together with friends before we all go off to spend Christmas in our own way.

Millie giving George a cuddle before he went off with Kim – spending the day with her and Bobby.

We were in Covent Garden when we came across the Tin Tin shop – and thought about Little Tyke.

We got him a Tin Tin t-shirt and its his most favourite t-shirt of all and they are incredibly hard to find in London. 

We’ll have to go back to Bruge to find him a few more!

And then there were more getting together with friends for more Christmas meals.

With Buxton, Bobby, Broadway and Flossy
And on our way home, we caught sight of the Albert Bridge – it is always lit and pretty but even more so at this time of year.

And when we’re not out meeting friends and eating, we light our tree and our Winter scented candles and sit in bed to watch our favourite holiday movies. 

Love Actually is one of them.  What is yours?
And then Mum always grabs one of us and gives us lots of hugs as she tears up.  She cries when its sad, she cries when she’s happy

May’s comments: Already the 20th December! We were just putting up the tree. And sending out cards. Like everything else, this year has flown past so quickly.  December has flown – partly because there was so much to do, people to see.  But as we draw closer to the 25th, things are just starting to slow down and I just want to take in all the lights and the prettiness all around. Enjoy the last few days before Christmas and take time to reflect on the goodwill of this season. 

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Aren’t you clever to have all your pressies bought? I have only one more left to purchase a the Hobby Lobby!

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