What’s for dessert?

Rocko came to play today.  We went for a long walk on this very warm day. After supper Mummy gave us ice cream for dessert. We were both fully into it!

IMG_1394Full concentration

IMG_1396I had strawberry and apple and Rocko had  banana and honey.

As we licked we pushed our pots along … and somehow Rocko got in the way

IMG_1400So I went under him …


IMG_1402Rocko: Hey! What’s under me?


IMG_1406So I went under him … and managed to come out on the other side!

IMG_1407Still licking.

May’s comment: Found these at Pet Pavilion – Billy + Margot Nutritious Iced Treat for Dogs.  An alternative to Dri Dri gelato.  Darcy seems to like it.

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