What’s in a name?

The Chinese calligrapher wrote our names in Chinese.  Although he had to translate our names phonetically but like most Chinese names, they have meanings.IMG_2598 I was curious about mine. When it was written …IMG_2601 This is what my name looked like –IMG_2603 And it is pronounced as “Dá xī”. Mummy’s friend translated it for us:

” is a word you say to someone when wishing them a good journey, as in “bon voyage.” Well, that’s rather appropriate – as we are travellers.

And “xī” is the word for “East”.  So my name means “a good journey east”.

What if I’d rather go west?  I guess since the world is round and if I keep going east, I will end up on the west.

George was keen to know what his means.IMG_2605Pronounced “Qiáozhì”IMG_2606“Qiáo” means tall and lanky

“zhì” means to cure, governance

Now that doesn’t make much sense. He’s not tall and lanky and he has no governance or not being cured. Oh wait a minute, now I get is. He thinks he’s tall (and big) and he’s constantly trying to take over my position as top dog. So you see, it’s all in the name!

But Mummy’s name needed no phonetic translation. Her name “May” means beautiful and “Ping” means peace.
IMG_2600She thinks it is a bit of a joke!

May’s comment: My parents were rather hopeful. I definitely was not “beautiful peace” as a child. LOL!

But then in the Chinese culture, they believe that the name can help to make up for what you are “missing.”  Maybe they are not so far off. Have been wandering and constantly seeking. In that sense, my parents correctly gave me a name to find that “beautiful peace” within and not from the outside.

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