Leaving our “hopes” on the Wishing Trees

Wishing Trees is an ancient Chinese tradition which is synonymous with luck and good fortune.  Legend has it

that if we hang our hopes for the coming year on Wishing Trees, it will encourage your dreams to come true.

Well, we were not going to miss the chance of our hopes becoming real in 2016!

Off we went to Glasshouse Street Square, on a blustery cold Sunday morning to stand in line for our turn –IMG_2597to have our names written by Chinese calligraphers on red paper (the colour red represents good luck for Chinese), IMG_2599That’s my name translated into Chinese phonetically

The pieces of red paper were then put into red “ang pows” and were hung on the Wishing Tree.IMG_2611And for even more good luck, we got chocolate coins in “ang powsIMG_2608Lucky Mummy – she gets to eat ours since we can’t! Gosh! Her luck has already begun – minutes after we’ve hung our names on the Wishing Tree.

So what are our hopes for 2016?IMG_2614

Darcy: I hope that Izzy, Harlow and many of those still missing dogs will find their way home to their families.

George: I hope that many more stray dogs will find their way to homes where they will know that life is not about scavenging for food and fighting off other dogs for survival.

May’s comment: As part of the Chinese New Year celebrations in London, Regent Street had a Wishing Tree.  People could have their names written in Chinese calligraphy and hung on the Wishing Tree.IMG_2615

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  1. Jill Keiser

    You and George have such important and unselfish wishes. I hope the Wishing Tree makes your 2016 wishes come true.

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