When Four’s Company

The second day of 2019 beckons –

Another glorious sunrise!
We never see sun rises in London, do we?

Are we going home today?

It has been so much fun spending the last four days of the year with our friends Hebe and Blaze. We did everything together …

Lots of walks …
Discovered ruins of Roman times
Sometimes it was convenient that we were four – when we had to meet another four.
We were a pack and no need to be afraid.
We often had to line up for our treats.
But the good intention of the hoomans didn’t work out when the treats were minuscule.
But it worked better with bowls of food!

We welcomed in the new year together – even sharing one head gear!

Blaze – is a recent DoodleAId rescue.
George’s head seemed a bit small for the head gear.
And watched the fireworks in London on telly.

And on the first day of the new year …

We walked the beach together.

But we must get back home now …

Our last run this morning in the garden

But the responsibilities of the year beckons and to London we must go. Goodbye Dorset!

We’ve enjoyed every bit of you that we’ve seen.

From Christmas at Loose Reins

To tremendous amount of history everywhere, beautiful landscapes and coastlines.

View from White Sheet Down
Corfe Castle
From Kimmeridge Bay
On our way home.
On the second day of the year, a lot of people are going home – the train was crowded.
George decided it would be more comfortable sitting with the lady across from us – who happens to have a cockapoo called Bella!

May’s comment: After four days of solitude at Loose Reins and enjoying the down time, we spent the rest of the year with Jane, Christoph, Hebe and Blaze. We discovered more of the three counties – Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire every day.

Even got to meet up with old friends – Nicola and Richard who live ten minutes away!

But back to London we must go.

Leaving from Gillingham station

Thank you Jane and Christoph for lovely days – discovering the three counties, and all the lovely food we ate – endlessly!!!!

It’s funny how one day changes the whole sense of entitlement. Yesterday we were spreading messages of hope and joy. A new year has arrived, new beginnings, changes, everything new – sort of, and then come 2 January and a sense of – let’s get on with it, all the celebrations and merry-making are now behind us for another year. Just thinking of what I know lies ahead already makes me feel I want to run back to Loose Reins but I must remember as I’ve written in an earlier post – may we allow the magic to be part of the next 364 days. Take on the challenges, make lots of plans, cancel them if we need to, but strife hard to make things better but to take in the moments – and may there be lots of magical ones! Let’s enjoy 2019 – all it has to offer and what we can make of it.

In the meantime – there are still a few more days of Christmas left – and then all the lovely lights will dim for the next ten months.

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