When nr. 2 came along – Nes

We first met Lily at one of our Hyde Park Cockapoo meets. Then the next thing we knew – there was Nes who came along to the Gaucho Cockapoo Event. I was curious how Lily ended up with a number 2.

It started off with Lily’s parents thinking she could do with some doggy company instead of humans.  They were a little apprehensive though as it seems, Lily was a little spoilt and loves being the centre of attention.  But they continued to think about it.

Then one day as Lily’s Mummy was looking at adverts for cockapoos they came across this picture – and coincidentally these two puppies were from the same breeder as Lily.6415x47_1So they told themselves they were going to visit Lily’s parents – LOL!  Were they kidding themselves?  It was there that they met little Nes – the one on the right.

And Nes was already quite a talker and talked herself right into their hearts and into their pockets! They left a deposit and waited for the time when they could take her home.unnamed-5Lily on the other hand was wondering what happened to her world the day Nes walked into their home!

Yup! I know how you feel, Lily – we should talk!unnamed-6So three months on, they are co-existing and they get on. Lily puts Nes in her place now and again …

unnamed-4 But then so does Nes.unnamed-7I guess we all learn to co-exist.
unnamed-10Well, if Lily can do it, so I shall try. We’re onto month number 3!

May’s comment: I have been thinking of having a number two for awhile and every time I tried to rescue one, they were long gone before I could even pick up the phone to call. And when I was put in touch with someone thinking of giving away theirs, things never worked out. But I knew deep in my heart I was ready for a number 2 – and looked at all these missed events as being – not the right one, not the right time.

I also thought of getting another puppy someday, like Lily and Nes, and I was quite specific. It had to be a girl, wanted it to be a white cockapoo … and what did I end up with? A black little mutt boy! Made me laugh. But he also turned out to be a lap dog, loves cuddles – something I wish Darcy is more of as she pretends to be the aloof one, with a “too cool for school” attitude.  All that said, she is very much a Mummy’s girl – though she would never let on.

And like Lily she was the centre of my world – and wondered if she would take to a Nr. 2. We’re on our way. 🙂



  1. Judith Vogel

    Dear Darcy,
    Isn’t it good to have a friend in the same situation as you?
    We (Jim and I ) arrived in London 8:00 AM yesterday morning.
    We left our bags with the hotel as our room wouldn’t be ready till 2:00.
    We immediately walked to the Victoria &. Albert Museum. Jim lasted a short while and I stayed to see the wonderful Horst exhibit. Then the Wedding dress exhibit.
    Both fabulous! I walked back to our lovely and unusually elegant hotel to find Jim refreshed from a long nap and raring to “go”. So off we went to Piccadilly Circus. We bought tickets to 39 Steps for that evening. Then we ate at a burger joint and had 3 more hours to walk around. By that time we were so exhausted we both fell asleep. When we arrived back in our hotel room about 11:00 I set my I phone alarm for 8:00 AM. The alarm never went off because my battery went from 100 percent to zero over night. It seems no one advised to use converter instead of an adopter. So at 11:20 AM woke up and made mad dash to the British Imperial War museum for a few hours then to make our 4:00 tea reservation at the Opera House. Delicious and very elegant. Now back in our hotel reading, relaxing. And watching the Television.Looking forward to seeing you and your brother George in person! Will be in touch very soon.
    Judy and Jim

  2. Miss Darcy

    We can’t wait to see you both! x

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