When nr. 2 came along – Harvey

Hello Pippa! You have a number 2 as well, your Mummy told us.

Some of you may remember Pippa, an English cocker spaniel who used to live around the corner from us.  She was born on the day of the Royal Wedding and thus her namesake!

We often ran into Pippa on our walks but really got to know each other because her Mummy introduced us to our dog walker Agnes – and we would go for walks together. But sadly, Pippa moved back to the U.S. and we haven’t seen each other in a long while.

But recently, Pippa’s Mummy wrote to tell us they now have a number 2 – just like us!

They were trying to adopt a three-year old cockapoo that looked just like me but it turned out she had a chronic bladder infection and could not be adopted.  It was at their final visit when they met eight week old Harvey.

He looks just like Pippa, except he is an American Cocker.  unnamed-13Pippa and Harvey love each other. Well, he loves her more than she loves him! They snuggle together and play!

It did take Pippa awhile to adjust to crazy Harvey but she has been a wonderful leader to him and tells him off when he needs it!  Sounds familiar?

unnamed-11May’s comment:  As Sian said – funny how we both have these well-bred beauties and we then adopted our little boys!

When it’s right, things just fall into place. Pippa’s family could have adopted the cockapoo and never met Harvey.  But Harvey it seems was meant to be – and a perfect match for Pippa. She’s now the big sister.

In the same way, George happened one day when I wasn’t totally prepared. The whole fostering thing – avoid if not ready!!! 🙂

When the ball started rolling I didn’t have a chance to check with the heart. It sort of took over and threw me into a spin – head-heart-head-heart – whatever, George stayed. Sometimes good things are not planned. They are just meant to be.

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  1. Sian Widner

    Oh May, we just love this! We miss our sweet friend Darcy! Thank you for telling our story! it is a blessing to be rescued by these loving pups!

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