When one door opens, another had closed …

A couple of years ago when Beaufort House opened – Mummy went in to ask if they were dog friendly. They said only handbag sized dogs!!! So we never went there again – until last week when we walked past and saw at least two dogs inside!!!Things have changed!So we all went in for lunch!Lobster risotto? Er, not so much. Can you order something that has meat the next time?

Maybe it’s because their logo is a dog wearing a boat hat! Surely they couldn’t refuse us f they use us as their logo! LOL!While we’re happy to have yet another place to go to right on our doorstep, we’re sad to say that The Henry Root have closed.  We’re sad because The Henry Root was the very first restaurant that Mummy took me to and it was because of them that started us on our journey to find dog friendly restaurants in London – so Mummy and I could dine together.

May’s comment: Beaufort House Chelsea is a relaxed, home-style feel restaurant/brasserie and cocktail bar. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 354 King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 5UZ

It has been added to our Wine & Dine list under European Brasserie.

Thank you, Henry Root.  We miss you. You were always a good stand-by, our friendly neighbourhood restaurant just down the road.  You championed dining with dogs. You held events for the neighbourhood dogs. But more than that you gave us the first experience of dining together – me and Darcy, and gave us the idea that dogs are allowed into proper London restaurants.

We will just have to make sure that the next tenant will be dog-friendly!

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