When the day is done …

It’s been a very drawn out hectic weekend – there were lots of events and lots of visitors.  Mummy was juggling things for me and for herself.

Lots of friends came in from abroad to say goodbye to Sandrine.  I was very curious to meet these people –  they’ve heard a lot about me from Robert – who is my best Public Relations human (even better than Mummy!)


photo-18photo-19Those visitors have now all left, and we’re getting back to our routine … slowly. And as the quiet sets in, so does reality.

Often in the busy-ness of activities we forget about how we feel.  But when we’re back to our routine is when we realise that where once there was a person is a gaping hole.  I knew Mummy was starting to feel the “gap” today, so we had a little cuddle and I gave her kisses to say – I understand and I am here.IMG_3171

May’s comments: I was reading a sweet little book today called “For Every Dog An Angel” – about those who have found their forever dogs and the relationship.  Here are a few excerpts that reminded me why Darcy is in my life.

All dogs bring the gift of love to the world…

From time to time, when a certain person and a certain dog meet, something happens that is just like magic!

It is as if they have known each other before. Each knows what the other is thinking and feeling …

But the greatest gift these two will share is knowing what is in the other’s heart. Side by side, looking up at the sky on a starry night, a forever person and their forever dog will share all the secret hopes and dreams that are only told to a very best friend…108388Thank you Darcy for being my forever dog. 🙂



  1. Tania

    awww this post made me cry a little, so sweet and so TRUE. Seymour is my little angel sent from heaven. Good girl Darcy for being there for your mummy xx

  2. Margaret Danks

    This made me weep a little too. Thru tick and thin, our doggy companions give us love and hope. Even in my darkest hours ( I have MS and everyday is a challenge) little Maggie is there with her endless love. Xx

  3. Sylvia

    Darcy you are your Mummy’s Angel! You entered her life to teach her so many things and open her heart to the most amazing love she will ever feel! There is no guarantee in life that a human will love you “til death do you part”, but we have that guarantee with a doggy, or 2!, in our lives…so my new quote is: “Nothing is guaranteed except Death,Taxes and the Unconditional love from a Doggy!”

  4. Alison Mullett

    This made me cry. My Ruby fills the same ‘gap’ in my life. I understand. X

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