When thunder and lighting strikes …

Last night, the heavens opened and the skies were lit by lighting and drum rolls of thunder.

George used to shiver and shake but he doesn’t any more. Regardless, we were both a little nervous and stayed very close to Mummy.

I wanted to snuggle right up to Mummy, sleeping close by her side.George watched the skies flicker and listened intently to the rain pelting on the window. He took comfort in his teddy.We all soon fell asleep to the drama of all that was happening outside – staying close to Mummy.

But it was all calm this morning – The sun came out, but we await to see if the skies would hold for our Doodles meet in the park. We could be very, very wet.

May’s comment: It doesn’t usually rain like this in London – there’s the odd shower and some cold drizzle. But last night, it was pelting down and constant flashes of lighting and drum rolls of thunder. It doesn’t happen often, and I do love lying in bed, feeling safe and listening to the rain against the window pane.

George no longer shiver and shake like he once did. Darcy had never been terribly afraid of thunder nor fireworks but I could tell they were both a little unsure of all the happenings. They stayed very close by me as I went about getting ready for bed, and Darcy asked to jump up and sleep right close to me. George stared out the window, curious, and then took comfort lying with his teddy. I experienced this amazing ooze of feeling protective of them. They needed me and I embraced them with my presence, calming them, stroking and whispering “it’s ok” to them. I’m grateful in that both of my dogs have never really been fazed by loud noises such as thunder and fireworks. But I know that it is not the same for all dogs as the majority of them are really afraid of these events. My friend’s dogs are particularly frightened of fireworks and they try to get under tables to hide, as well as shaking uncontrollably. So that’s why she has decided to look into cbd tincture for dogs so that they start to feel calmer and more relaxed whenever they hear any loud noises. So hopefully it will have an impact. But recently though my dogs have needed more attention when they hear lots of noise and it makes me feel loved and wanted. I’ve never been a mother and never really had the full-on responsibility for another being 24/7. It’s moment like these that I know that Darcy and George in my life gives me the opportunity to feel some of those most rewarding feelings of “motherhood” and of being a parent – without the expense of school fees, annoying talking back brats and teenage concerns about birth control.

I still don’t believe I would make a very good mother – I’m too much a perfectionist, too demanding, too competitive and way over the top protective. I would be a Tiger Mom! So by the grace of God, the children have been spared. Instead I have two dogs to dote on and to be able to experience some of the maternal instincts – and to have two little human kiddies (Sasha and Skye) to love, from afar.

The Universe knows what we need and not what we want. Hallelujah!


  1. What a night!
    Glad to hear both George and Miss Darcy are so brave – although it’s always nice to have mum nearby. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Smudge was very upset I’m afraid, poor thing, and that meant none of us got much sleep.
    We’re all hoping for a calming evening tonight.

  2. Kay Guttmann

    Could not have said it better!! Always tough to see your dog get anxious and you cannot explain and rationalise ๐Ÿ™

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