It was a doodle meet, I promise!

After a torrential downpour the night before, the air was still heavy and London was hot and humid.

I think a lot of people were unsure if there would be a doodle meet as there was forecast of another thunderstorm during the day, but it never happened and instead the sun came out. And the doodles came to play – including this little Frenchie, our friend, Habiti!He was sulking as he felt different from everyone else. LOL!Oh, don’t be Habiti, you’re our walkies friend!

We even had babies in prams as Rosie came with her hooman sibling.We all stayed in the shade as it was really quite hot.And we’re always happy to see our hoomans – says Lucca when Jocelyn thought he went missing but he was right behind her.Crumpet had an exhilarating time Chasing away any non-doodles!  He was the biggest amongst us and he had to do the job –With George following close behind.

Then he spotted another labradoodle, Floyd who got shaved!!!But 10 month old Floyd wanted to play with 8 month old Archie insteadAnd they playedand played and played.

And when I spotted Bella sitting on her mummy’s lapI thought I’d go and say helloBecause I saw her handbag on the ground and thinking that she might be distracted by Bella, I could find some treats in there.But she was too smart for me! 🙁And Lyra, well she was protecting her hoomans from every other dog!Telling her Momma off for holding George!Because George had to be on a leash as he was getting annoyed with Floyd and Archie for having all their bits together and he doesn’t.

Rusty also got annoyed so he had to be on the leash.And Johnny had come a very long way to join us.
Along came happy Winston – greeted by GeorgeAnd Theo too!And yup, it was hot – so in the shade we all sat.Winston doing his balletic moves – remember he has dancing paws.C’mon Teddy, let’s get in the shade  He was still waiting for his ball – annoyed that his mummy left it in the car! LOL!

Floyd getting a massageAnd we all need some waterAnd then it was time for the group photo – but Floyd had other ideasHe wanted to be the director of photography But he was right. He said – you guys are in the shade and I don’t think its a good idea. So we listened to him and we re-grouped in the sun and it was a better photo. May’s comment: Yay, the weather held up for us and in this Bank Holiday weekend, we had 15 doodles and others

Johnny, Rosie, Lucca, Rusty, Lyra, Darcy, George (mutt), Bella, Floyd (labradoodle), Winston (poochon), Theo (cavachon), Crumpet (labradoodle), Habiti (Frenchie), Archie, Teddy

Enjoy June and hopefully a warm and dry Summer – and see you all at the end of June – 24 June at 11am behind the Serpentine Gallery.


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  1. Motez

    Love this! What a great day out, and thanks for allowing Floyd to be the director of photography!!!

    He’ll look a little shaggier at the next meet! Till then .. ! Xx xx

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