When will Christmas be over?

Yesterday was a day of rest, no trains, trams, cars – or was it?

Well, it started off that way.  Mummy and Rachelle sat and talked and talked and talked all morning – first breakfast, which carried on into drinking tea and munching on gingerbread biscuits – While all three of us were just chilling.When suddenly Mummy jumped out of her seat and said something about hats and jumpers.  Before long she came back  to the room and started to put us into our jumpers and then bobble hats! Where did those come from?Mummy, it doesn’t do anything for my fringe and it makes my ears look like pony tails!

And George looked like he had a toothache! LOL!Even Maddie had to come closer to have a good look at what was on our heads.Ha! Ha! Maddie – don’t laugh too soon.  Your mummy got into the act. Not sure which is funnier – bobble hats or reindeer antler on your head?And then Maddie’s mummy wanted a photo of her with my Christmas jumper and a bobble hat! LOL!Can’t wait till winter is over with – so we don’t have to wear all these funny things!

May’s comments: One can never keep them warm enough – jumpers, booties and bobble hats! LOL! Honestly don’t think they fit a cockapoo very well. Need a better option.

It has been so lovely being able to break the journey to spend time with friends. Rachelle and Stefan were neighbours in London – and George would often go to spend time with Maddie.  Sometimes Maddie would come and stay with us. Then little Max came along and in March, they moved to Oslo. We missed having them around the corner.  So it worked out really well that Oslo was just on the way to our cruise which starts in Bergen.

So pleased Maddie remembered meAnd Darcy and George also remembered Stefan and Rachelle.  There were lots of hugs for the doggies.Lots of good conversations – and loved all the Christmas decorations that Rachelle had put up in their home.

There was hardly any time to do much more – there was one thing we wished we could have done – go to the Dog Cafe! It was closed on Mondays!

Thank you Rachelle and Stefan for having us stay and for our Christmas pressies.I hope we will see each other again soon.

Today, we get on yet another long train ride – just one train from Oslo to Bergen – six hours!


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Oh dear Miss D you do look grumpy!!😂

  2. Cheryl and Susie

    Your epic journey is so well planned, loved the bobble hats, looking forward to next instalment x

  3. Sian Widner

    Oh how I enjoyed the pics! All three of the pups look adorable!!

  4. Alison Mullett

    The photos just made me laugh (literally out loud)! So lovely to see Maddie and her family reunited with you! Good luck on the next stage of your journey x

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