Where am I going?

The doorbell rang and Mummy ushered Darcy and Jaffa into the bedroom. I followed them but Mummy carried me out  and closed the door behind her.  What’s going on? Who is this man at the door?

Mummy put on my lead and collar and we went down the stairs and out the courtyard –And the man put me in a crate in the back of a van. Mama? What is happening? Why are you saying goodbye to me?The door of the van closed and Mama waved goodbye …May’s comment: Last minute change of plans and George ends up going to House of Mutt for the next two weeks. I’m off on my god-motherly duties to see the kids and dogs in Ko Samui and had made various plans for the doggies. Two days before departure, I found myself without a place for George for five days and EVERYONE I know who he would love and know will be away or busy on those exact dates!  Someone else was taking in a rescue this week and would not be fair for the rescue dog nor family to have George. Others were too far away to coordinate handovers. I did manage to find some London solutions – but I wasn’t comfortable with them as I don’t know them and neither does George. But I knew I would find a way – somehow. I wasn’t panicking.  I had time. He was going off with Jaffa anyway and I had a whole week still to sort it out – even from Thailand.

But late last night on a casual text messaging – everything fell into place. During the exchange, Darcy was invited to stay with a friend for three weeks! (See tomorrow’s post) As Darcy was scheduled to travel to House of Mutt today, it was way too late to cancel but I still had to make sure they were ok with George replacing Darcy. Darcy is like Grand Dame there – she rules! She becomes a dog again and she has the best time ever.

George on the other hand cannot be trusted on the huge acreage of wooded land! Can you imagine when he decides to go squirrelling? The House of Mutt is almost always full – with about 10 dogs so there is no way they can spend a whole afternoon waiting for him to tire of squirrels – which is NEVER, when on their daily walks through the woods. The times when he has been there, he walked on long lead! So in that sense he doesn’t get as much out of being there as Darcy does. But I have signed him up for agility and hoping he will learn some discipline!!!

The House of Mutt graciously took George.

Every time he has been, he went with Darcy. This time he was going on his own – all by himself he sat in the crate at the back of the van.Those big brown eyes looked worried. He was confused. I wasn’t in the van with him and there was no Darcy. And maybe Jaffa was taking his place in the household? OMG! My heart was breaking for him. He had no idea where he was going. I kept telling him – “George, you’re going to have so much fun. It’s going to be ok.” But he stared blankly, not looking at me – almost as if he was holding back tears an didn’t want me to see him cry. If Darcy was with him, he would know they are going somewhere together and I was not abandoning him. He knows I would never abandon Darcy. But there he is on his own. That little tough guy isn’t so tough after all. 🙁

Darcy on the other hand would have been beside herself with excitement. She knows the driver. She knows the van. She knows exactly where she’s going. In fact she was very confused that the bag that she travels with to the House of Mutt went with George.

But I know he will be fine when he gets there. And maybe he will remember it’s that fun place where they go for lots of long walks through the woods, new and interesting smells, maybe scary big dogs but harmless and small dogs to play with. He will get his cuddles from Sarah and he will get his food. And then when he comes home to me, he will say – that was fun!

Enjoy yourself George! I am sorry you can’t be running wildly with Jaffa in her garden. But all things work out for the better. Just wait till you hear where Darcy’s been invited to!!!


  1. Jill Keiser

    Hope it is a short ride to the House of Mutt so George will get there fast and remember it is one of his favorite places! Have a great time, George!

  2. Laura

    Poor George. My heart is breaking for him. Please post how he is doing. ❤️

  3. Kathy

    Seeing little George’s face so worried just breaks my heart. I know he will be fine but with his background of abandonment I really feel for him

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