Where’s George?

We often get asked – “Where’s George?” whenever our readers don’t see him at an event, etc.

He does come with us on many occasions.As when we were out and about taking photos of London sights.  He didn’t really feature in any of the project photos but he was with us the whole day.
He even met Barnaby’s sister, Coco.

And he went with us to meet DeDe in her new forever home.  He was even more sociable than me – George wanted to play with DeDe.But Mummy decided that in certain situations, it is just not feasible for him. Even though he went with us to the launch of Love My Human All too soon, he had to leave. He didn’t like all the other dogs that were also there. He became barky and stressed – which makes it not nice for others.And we had this lovely photo taken recently at the Connaught Village Street FairSomeone spotted that George wasn’t in the photo.  He wouldn’t have done well – there were so many other dogs, so much going on. What would he have done? Barked at them. Get stressed and then stressed out Mummy.

And because he stresses out when riding in cars – only cars, not buses, trains, ferry, flying … this was a factor to be concerned with.

But when he does get to go with me and my pals to take photos, he doesn’t feature well.He even manages to get blocked by a flower! LOL!And he just gets overlooked.So those are some of the reasons why Mummy doesn’t always take him with us when we attend events that have a lot of unfamiliar dogs.

Luckily he has Jaffa, his girlfriend.  He is comfortable spending time with Jaffa – they sometimes go on walkies together, or just keep each other company.He feels secure and he’s well loved by Jaffa’s family.  But soon Jaffa’s family will be leaving London and George will miss Jaffa most of all.

Today we leave for the south of France.  Some of you will soon be asking, where’s George? So I’ll let Mummy tell you why he won’t be coming with us …

May’s comment: We’re travelling by car all the way from London to Paris via Eurotunnel – a six hour journey is a long time for a dog who is anxious in cars. And when we get to Cannes, we have a good hour by car before we get to St. Tropez. In the last two months, we have tried two new means of helping George be less anxious but sadly, they haven’t worked.  So it was a decision not to bring him with us.

The other factor is – our friend’s toy poodle, Marley is not particularly fond of George when he is seeking attention from his mummy.  So it would be slightly stressful to constantly keep an eye out for the both of them. Darcy is constantly chilled unless there’s a big black dog but when she realises they’re not interested in her, she’s ok.

So all the above was just the head rationalisation of why I shouldn’t take George while we visit Marley and Yaena in St Tropez.  For once, it wasn’t the challenge I was after but the need for a holiday. And while it is not long enough time to send him to the House of Mutt, and when I once had a friend stay with him at our home, he was so annoyed he pee’d on my side of the duvet! :(. So that wasn’t going to work.

I needed someone to take him for five days and our regular Jaffa is about to be moving to the country – so that wasn’t an option.

We asked George’s best buddy Stanley if he could stay over. The both of them have always enjoyed playing with each other

Especially in their walled-in garden.
And there was no need to worry … well, that’s the easy part. But as we were there, we think George knew I was leaving him. He became quiet and sat close to me. I know he will be in good hands with Annie, Andrew and Stanley.  He will be cuddled, and they will all sleep in the same bed.But the guilt of leaving him behind started to creep into my consciousness. Surely he will survive the car ride and he would so love being with me. Why didn’t I take him with us?

When the time came to leave, I handed him to Andrew.

The head knows it is better to leave him behind. The heart strings were being played the saddest melody.


  1. Liz Burman

    A shame Jaffa is moving out of London. Poor George he will miss her! ??

  2. Alison Mullett

    Totally understand your reasons for not taking George and the guilt you feel leaving him behind. I’m sorry to hear Jaffa is moving it will be a sad time for George; he’ll miss her.

  3. Rita and Gracie

    Poor George but for you all to be stressed out would not be good for anyone. You must bring him something special back from France to make it up to him.
    Big ((((( hugs )))) all round. Enjoy your break look forward to hearing all about your new adventures.?

  4. Liz

    I understand how you feel, I have to leave my 14 year old Goldie behind sometimes because she just can’t cope with long walks etc anymore, but I always feel bad. I don’t think she minds at all though, as she gets spoilt rotten with her friends it’s only me who stresses!!!

  5. Kathy Shoulders

    I really hate to hear Jaffa is moving. Poor George because of that that. George will be so less stressed staying at his friend Stanley’s house and he looks like he will be taken very good care of. Go and enjoy your holiday!

  6. Peg Gallison

    ❤️ George, if I was closer, little George would stay with me … but I can travel ?
    Enjoy your trip, South of France it is next up on my travel list, thanks to a bet over soccer!
    Let me know how it is and safe to solo travel!

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