A very long way to Paradise!

Our journey to St. Tropez began in the early hours of the morning – as in 3am!!!

Mummy had taken me with her to a friend’s birthday party the night before and we did not get home till midnight. Once home, she was pottering around – finish packing, emails to write, blog to post before we finally did shut-eye at 2am before the alarm went off at 3am.

Due to the need to get down to St. Tropez before day’s end, we had no option but to be picked up by Folkestone Taxi at 4pm. The sun was just peeping from the horizon as we made our way to Folkestone.Luckily we were just passengers – so we basically snoozed all the way till we had a stretch before crossing the tunnel.This is rather considerate of them, don’t you think?And we’re on our way …With Le Shuttle – over 2 millions pets have crossed over without much hassle. Just why wouldn’t Eurostar do this is baffling.And away we go …

35 minutes later, we’re in France – we’ve hardy noticed since we continued to snooze. Think Mummy needed some sleep time! LOL!

By 11.30am we arrived at Gare de Lyon. We had a really lovely driver and we said goodbye to him as our train journey began …We had more than an hour to spare, so we looked for some food to sustain Mummy for the rest of the journey. As for me, I had my breakfast at 3.30am and I wouldn’t be eating till I arrive at Marley’s house … still many hours to go.

A family form Karachi came to say hello. They miss their dog – which is a Maltese-Shih-Tzu cross – obviously Mummy showed them pictures of George!So that’s Zayaan on the left and his sister Iman. Maybe they’ll also start reading our blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s definitely very warm as I laid on the cooler floor as we waited for the platform announcement.We spotted lots of dogs also about to board the trains …They’re all seem quite a but smaller than meGuess it’s probably a lot easier when you can have them in a bagWe realised that – because as soon as the train platform for the train going to Nice was announced – we were in the midst of a crowd – all with luggage, mainly rollers ..And they kept bumping into me. I got knocked around a little, so Mummy needed to pick me upThis was when Mummy thought – what if we had George?!?!?

We boarded the train and we must have been assigned to the coach with dogs as there were four of us in there!That’s Flanelle and he’s a Lhasa Apso – and his sister, Fantasia, a chihuahua And this little guy, Ynez.And look – they both have roller carriers!The trains were full and we had a single seat with table – facing the other dog owner.  Thankfully the other dog owners were understanding – and I got to lay on the floor between Mummy and her legs.  She didn’t mind.

Towards the end, everyone seemed to have disembarked and we were the last to get off the train at Cannes. But it wasn’t the end of our journey. We got into another car … As we did so, a roar erupted from the nearby bars – France had just scored their fourth goal at the World Cup final against Croatia. Thank goodness it wasn’t England playing. We would have been depressed.  The road to St. Tropez was almost deserted and then we knew when the game was finally over – cars and motorbikes were honking and flags were flaying.

We almost missed the traffic but got caught in it as we neared St. Tropez. So nearly after 16 hours of travel – we arrived at Marley’s home!!!

May’s comment: Yup, that was a long journey but that’s what I need to do when I want to travel with my dogs. It’s worth it!  Thought I slept most of the journey – I didn’t last long enough to write this blog! Understandable! LOL!

Thank you Darcy for being ever so patient and such a good traveller. It couldn’t have been a very comfortable journey but we’re doing this together.


  1. Sandra

    I enjoyed reading about your journey to France and what lovely photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Eppie Dyann Giles

    Sounds like you are going to have fun.

  3. Frank Gee

    Enjoy your well earned break and looking forward to your adventures in France. X

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