Where’s Izzy?

Four months ago today, Izzy bolted out of her house – frightened by an alarm that was set off in her home when an unexpected builder opened the door.

When the builder tried to get a hold of her, she ran out of the house and the garden.  And no one has been able to find her since.

Izzy is a five-year old champagne coloured cockapoo with a pinkish brown nose.10402514_1397278457250115_2564312848017051502_n

She lived with her family in Radcliffe, Manchester.  She has two human sisters who misses her. 10995309_1446086669035960_5112860728587268423_n And they want her to come home.11143292_1450384435272850_6579337031744346030_nWherever you are Izzy, please be safe.  And we keep praying for a miracle – that one day you will find your way home to your family.  They miss you.10984126_1409172626060698_3014025903046448407_n

May’s comment: We have been following Izzy’s story now for months and being in London we felt helpless – not knowing what to do to help. Her family has done everything they can think of and we all still believe Izzy is out there.

In the weeks following, there have been reported sightings of Izzy in the following areas:  Outwood Road, Old Hall Road, Ringley Road, Stand Lane areas of Radcliffe (M26) and Whitefield (M45).  However, she has not been sighted since 21st February.

There are many possible scenarios of what could have happened.

Maybe someone thought she was a stray dog and took her home.

Maybe someone picked her up and sold her on.

Maybe she’s still running in the fields.

Maybe, maybe, maybe – many questions remain unanswered.

And just maybe she’s no longer in the Radcliffe area, so we thought we can at least help by spreading this a little further.

Maybe she has been taken abroad. Dogs leaving the UK are not checked – only dogs entering the UK are checked.

If you have not already heard about Izzy, here are some thoughts when you’re reading this:

If you see a similar looking cockapoo that someone might have just adopted – keep Izzy in mind.  Maybe ask the owners where she came from.  They may not have known about Izzy.

If you know someone who has recently purchased a cockapoo that looks like Izzy, ask them to take her to the vets to check her microchip.

Or if you happen to come across Izzy when you are out and about, her family have asked that you do not approach her, due to her nervous character she will only flee again. Instead they have asked you to keep her in sight and contact them on 07961-559230 or 07956-034552.

Izzy belongs to a family.  If you know where Izzy is, please let her go home.



  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Sharing worked for Caramel the chihuahua so let’s get Izzy home soon too. Xx

  2. Cecilia

    Pray that Izzy would be found and brought home to her loving family!!

  3. She

    keep sharing and get on other social media sites and lost dogs sites!! Home soon Izzy xx

  4. ros driver

    Hoping so much that Izzy comes home….keep going and DONT give up xxxxxxx

  5. Sharon ebbrell brown

    We will never give up on this little one xxx

  6. Andrea Wiggans

    never give up……will help in anyway I can
    Please if you have Izzy bring her home……think how you would feel

  7. Tracey hurst

    is she on doglost.co.uk? Great website to help find dogs. I have also shared with my Facebook dog walking group (around 500 members) hope she gets back to you

    • Miss Darcy

      She is EVERYWHERE! 🙁 Her owners have done their utmost – car stickers, leaflets being updated, trying to get on TV shows but no luck with those. They’ve approached RSPCA for national coverage, and even NHS helpers. Also trying dog psychics. It is just not right that a dog can disappear into thin air. She’s out there … heartbroken for them. Will keep helping to create awareness here and abroad. If you have any ideas, get in touch with them – they are very open to help.

  8. Julie Aldred

    Please, please keep sharing. We need to get Izzy home to her family. Thank you.

  9. Beverly Gray

    My heart goes out to Izzy and her family. Hope they find her soon As they say ‘No news is good news’ I believe that we all have guardian angels and i’m sure that Izzys is watching over her.
    Be strong for one another.

    Beverly (from Blackpool)

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