Who let the dogs out?

There were ever so many hounds!All the pooches standing on the side were looking on in envy – why are they allowed off lead and running along the street while we watched on the side with collars and leashes tightly held!

There were ever so many horses!  First we watched from afar as they clip-clopped past the hotel. Mummy wanted to take photos of them so we went to the side of the road.I wasn’t so sure of them. They’re huge and they could just accidentally step on me!

And they kept coming,  cantering in a hurry to get to the nearby fields Where were not allowed to runWe walked to see what they were up to. And there they gathered Waiting till the dogs were ready to go.And then they came … Man on horse and the hounds
And more hounds!Not a bark, not a peep. They all followed the man on the horse down the street.

We were told it’s the Broadway Boxing Day Hunt!

P.S. There were a lot of us pooches out and about and had no issue with any of them until I spotted a great big hairy German Shepherd way at the back across the other side of the road and I let out a very loud howl of terror! Everyone around us started laughing at me.  I didn’t think that was very funny at all. The GS turned and looked at me between all the legs. And I howled even more – which then set off some other dogs!  I was just voicing my opinion.

And there’s Freddie, a cockapoo.

May’s comment: We happened upon this very quintessential English tradition on Boxing Day.  The hounds were amazing to look at – a different animal from my two – lean, strong and definitely pack animals. The horses were all beautiful. And the riders in all their gear ranged from young to old.

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