And so this was Christmas …

At the back of The Lygon Arms is a garden where we can run and chase each otherrunning through the maze. Oy! George! Where did dinky dink go?
Run! He’s reappeared!!!

Most of the time it is just us in the garden.  But the other hounds from the hotel go there too – I got scared by this one and I ran away from him!

While George ran up on the statueTo get away from the other dogs.  LOL! It looks that way but George would never run away from the other dogs. Mummy had put him up there for a photo.

After our run, it was Christmas lunch at The Swan And our Christmas jumpers were a hit all over town. Mummy needed to walk off lunch – We walked along the High Street, looking at all the quaint little houses And little shops. As we walked up and down the streetWe ran into one of our friends from the hotel, GirlThere were no shortages of woofs.  We ignored most of them because we’re in their town and we had no territorial rights.  But we don’t expect to be barked at by these two little rascals. They really shouldn’t be barking at us in our Christmas Jumpers when they couldn’t even keep their Santa hats on!!!

We walked past some open fields but I don’t think we’re allowed to run on them –
Maybe the hounds and horses will be on there tomorrow for the Boxing Day Hunt.We headed back to the hotel after our walkabout.Back in our room, the marathon TV afternoon began with the Queen’s Christmas messageThen we watched “The Snowman and The Snowdog” again!Next was “The Nutcracker” And then there was another type of dancing programme.“Strictly!”

Then it was time to eat again – we know the drill.  When we go downstairs, it means we sit in one of the lounges as we’re not allowed in the restaurant.  Of course Mummy could have left us in the room but she chose not to since she had the option to eat with us.

After the Christmas buffet we went for another walk before we headed upstairs to finish off Christmas Day with Bridget Jones. Look Mummy, that’s Mr. Darcy!Let’s say it was a rather quiet and restful day except that our (very early) Christmas morning began with speaking to Little Tyke and Mini Tyke in Thailand as they ripped open their presents to much excitement.

And at day’s end, our new friend, Theodore, or Ted was doing the same thing in LA –

This is Ted with a quizzical look wondering why all the wrapping has to stop And this is what he worked so hard for A fluffy lamb from Mungo & Maud – our present for Ted.  Happy first Christmas, Ted.

May’s comment: I don’t think I have slept so much as I did today. I did intend this to be a quiet Christmas but I didn’t expect to doze off every time I sat in front of the telly or the computer. The only time I was up was for meals and walks with the dogs. LOL!

Must be the fresh air, the peaceful countryside and the need to catch up on sleep.

One more event tomorrow and then it’s back to London – as we await the new year.


  1. Alicia

    Oh my gosh, I cannot believe how adorable Ted is!!! ❤❤❤

  2. Jane Hamon

    Thank you Auntie May!! Love, Ted XO

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