Meet Trixie Twinkle Toes Trot-a-lot Delight!

This is a story about a poodle called “Trixie Twinkle Toes Trot-a-lot Delight or Trixie Toes for short or Trixie Twinkle Belle or Trixie Belle Baby” depending on her owner, Mademoiselle Verity Brûlée!

Trixie was much-loved and adored by Verity.  She went to great lengths to take care of Trixie. But Trixie didn’t like all the pampering and all the fuss – she just wanted to like other dogs. She wanted to step in puddles – but no humans understood her.  But one day she did a brave thing – she saved a Chihuahua from drowning in a puddle!!!

From that moment on, Verity saw a DAZZINGLY DANGEROUS DOG and she understood every word that Trixie was trying to tell her. And she then lived a more normal doggy life except she still didn’t like her “silly” names.

We bought this book for Sasha from Daunt Books yesterday. And the author Lauren Child signed it for us.


May’s comment:  Sounding a bit familiar …. hmmm.

Lauren Child never liked poodles as a child because of how they were bizarrely groomed. But she felt bad wondering if maybe they actually didn’t like the way they were groomed. She took the opportunity to write about a poodle in that dilemma. The story of Trixie is “a story about longing to feel like the real you – the person you know you are inside, but nobody else can see.”

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