Why a Cockapoo?

This is only Mum’s POV. Funny that nine years ago at around this time, Mum was considering getting a dog.

It would be her first dog. And she had never heard of a Cockapoo before.

So it’s funny that hello Bark! asked if they could interview Mum to ask her what she chose a cockapoo. Read what she has to say …

May’s comment: I am sure there are very many similar attributes about our cockapoos but they also have such distinct personalities.

Hello Bark asked if they could interview us for a post feature. This was a flashback to nine years ago – when I was desperately trying to find a dog that suited my needs and not too scary a proposition. I had never heard of the breed and in fact – nine years ago I still had not heard of the breed. It was not until late April when I was introduced to cockapoos.

What was I considering? Whippets, daschunds, Yorkies – to name a few! It was totally by chance that someone told me how perfect cockapoos are for Londoners.

Well, that is debatable but it worked out for me. And being a cockapoo owner brought me in touch with a lot of other cockapoo crazy owners all over the world. Through Darcy, we have met many people far and wide. But most of all, she has brought joy into my life.

Why a Cockapoo? The reasons are many and I am sure everyone has something to say about their breed of dog. This is just my take on it.


  1. Rowena Ritchie

    Ah that’s a lovely article, thanks! I found you about 5 years ago, when I got my first dog Barney, also a cockapoo. You’ve been such an inspiration to me to be adventurous about having him with us whenever we can, especially on holidays. Sadly, in East London, shops and restaurants seem to be less dog friendly, so Barney hasn’t learned good manners when we go out to eat. Bless you, Darcy and George, and thanks again for sharing your journey. Much love.

    • Miss Darcy

      Hello! We are lucky where we live. So come and join us at our Hyde Park meets sometime.

  2. Alison Wood

    Great article and so true

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