Interviewing a Brexit authority

We happened to be at the Daily Mail building in Kensington, waiting for our turn at a photo-shoot –

When Laura Kuenssberg of Brexitcast (panel of journalists reflects on the behind-the-scenes twists and turns of the negotiations between the EU and the UK) and BBC political reporter walked into the lobby –

She saw us just as we saw her. She came over and asked if she could say hello.

And we asked her about Pet Travel to the EU. What’s her take on it?

She said – Yes, the Pet Passport is still valid during this transition period.

Oh, thank you for the reassurance, Laura.

But, can you just remind Mr. Boris and the Home Secretary that the passport is working wonderfully well and to leave us alone.

While at it, Laura, can you maybe report on how Eurostar refuses to allow even Assistance dogs on their trains. And to report how British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are in the Stone Age with their pet policies.

May’s comment: Laura has a spaniel and she came straight to us to say hello. She said that was better than the interview she was doing! LOL!

We already know the answers but it was Laura Kneussberg, Brexit expert – so we had to ask the question!!!!

And she confirmed that the Pet Passport is still in use at least during the transition period. Honestly, no one – on either side of the Brexit has given it much thought. There are lots of rumours about blood tests, travel certificates, etc. but nothing has been implemented. As a precaution, we had Titre blood tests done when we knew Brexit might happen. We spoke to vets on both sides and no one has any answers. So we will continue to travel – with no fear – till they have made some decision. Just remember the UK are the fuss pots about rabies. No one looks at our passports going over. Only when we return. So at the end of the day, it will be just down to the UK Govt.

And as for Eurostar and the British plane companies. They are both private companies and not answerable to anyone. Eurostar even refuses Assistance dogs, as in Guide Dogs for the Blind because once they allow them on – their excuses no longer hold. Allergy issues apply to guide dogs too!

As pet owners who travel, we are quite self-focused on our own issues. There will always be those who thinks it’s such a bad, almost ridiculous idea and cannot imagine why we would want to do so. To each his own. I enjoy and see things differently when I travel with my dogs.


  1. Frank Gee

    Wonderful. Love it. ❤️

  2. Suzanne

    I think what needs to be asked is, why on earth will an existing EU/UK passport no longer be valid after the transition period? Apparently, according to the government website, this has already been confirmed and we will need to replace with a new UK passport (assuming the UK becomes a list 1 country which seems the most likely scenario) and nothing else will change. At £60 each (plus whatever your own vet charges) this is ridiculous as it’s replacing a document with an identical one apart from its cover. Our own human passports will continue to be valid and they say EU on them. We need to push for existing passports to continue to remain valid. The UK has already confirmed nothing will change for pets coming here from the EU. It’s us in the UK that will end up forking out £££’s.

  3. Julie Entwistle

    It’s always lovely to see a fellow dog lover. They will always choose to fuss over a dog. 🙂 x

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