Wir sind in Deutschland!

We made it!

This is George reporting from Düsseldorf after a very long and tedious journey
filled with angst…

Something was not quite right on Monday morning. I was still asleep when something odd happened. On regular days, the alarm goes off about three times and Mummy would still go back under the covers. But on Monday morning when it was still dark outside, the alarm went and Mummy jumped out of bed.  I wasn’t ready to get up but it surprised me to find everything was going into full-activity.  Mummy even gave me my breakfast before the sun was even up. (Mummy: it was 4:30am!!!)

Mummy took me out to relief myself and came back quickly. And then the sound of a taxi horn on Mummy’s phone startled me and I started to spin in circles like I always do when I know we are about to go out.

We jumped into a taxi but when the driver loaded the roller bag loudly, it scared me. So all this out-of-routine series of events and then getting into a moving vehicle really upsetted me. So I began my panting episode all the way in the taxi to Heathrow.

We arrived at Terminal 2 in Heathrow – not a terminal we’re familiar with – which explained why Mummy got lost finding the check-in counter.img_6253So unfamiliar were the flooring that I decided to put on all four brakes. So Mummy had to carry me as she wheeled her roller bag and handbag.

At the Lufthansa check-in counter, the man wanted to see if I fitted into the bag. So in I went with a few treats from Mummy. Then me and bag needed to be weighed – 7.8kgs! Cutting it close! All those grams I’ve put on in the last six months! The training treats are deadly!img_6254With nowhere to go as it’s not a British Airways terminal, Mummy ended up at Gucci for a try-on.  Better than hanging around by the gate.  I was still in the bag.img_6255 But I soon got out and getting fussed by the sales staff.img_6258 They wanted their photo taken with me. img_6259One of them even helped Mummy to get to the gate, carrying me in my Sleepy Pod Air.

And then it was time to board the flight – my first time on a plane.img_6261The Sleepy Pod Air was supposed to go under the seat in front of Mummy’s seat. Me in the Pod did go down on the floor during takeoff, but right after, Mummy put the Pod on her lap. She put her hand inside the bag to stroke me and gave me treats, but I was not interested. I was panting with anxiety. I did not do anything else, just panted the whole hour and a half.  There was an empty seat next to Mummy which was helpful.

The plane finally landed and with no check-in luggage, manoeuvred our way through a maze of gates and stairs before we got onto a regional train – the S-bahn. We took that from the Frankfurt Flughafen (airport) to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (main station). There, Mummy’s friend, Beate met us. She thought we needed a little stroll before lunch and I couldn’t agree more.

We sat down for a coffee and Beate showed us all the pressies she bought us. Aunty Beate, or should I say, Tante Beate, spoils us!

img_6264This is a package that dogs are supposed to be able to open but I did not manage because I don’t like the sound of loud noises anyway so Mummy had to do it for me.  After all that wrapping, there were four little treats.

And look at this big package …img_6266And this is what was inside …
img_6272Treats of course but there were all sorts of interesting things like doggy wipes for my fur if I should get too dirty and no time for a wash, wipes for my feet, doggy bags and for Mummy – a little carrier for our treats that she can attach to out leash but I think she can also attach it to her key ring!

And see what we got Beate!img_6269She’s a cat lady! LOL!

We went to lunch at Lella Mozzarellaimg_6273 I didn’t get anything because I do not beg like Darcy does.img_6275 img_6276 And then another S-Bahn back to the main station.img_6279We were going onto the Steigenberger Metropole to meet an ex-classmate of Mummy’s.  img_6381I was so thirsty from all that stressing out that when they brought me a bowl of water, I drank most of it and more!img_6280 Walter came along and he loves dogs!  Mummy said that was an aspect of an old friend he never knew before.img_6286 After leaving Walter, we took the ICE train to Düsseldorf. It was a very quiet carriage and Mummy was not so happy with my panting. She thought I was disturbing the whole carriage. Actually, I think only Mummy could hear it.img_6287But just as we were on the last leg of our journey, I fell asleep in Mummy’s arms. And then we were in Düsseldorf Hbf!

We made it!!!img_6291And we met Johnny, a cockapoo from Mettmann!img_6307And we posed for a Düsseldorf picture – one of the bridges and the TV tower in the back!img_6296 Mummy knows Johnny’s mummy, Dagmar from Facebook and our blogimg_6298We went for a walk by the Rhine.

And the hoomans stopped for ice-cream.
img_6304But the day wasn’t done. We then had to get in the car AGAIN img_6343and I was panting all the way to meet Sylvia and Markus – friends we’re staying with.img_6325We went out for supper at Karl’s on Julicherstrasse –img_6316– when Markus went on to ask if dogs are allowed inside, they looked at him wondering why he would even ask the question and responded, “Naturlich, kein problem.”  Sylvia and Markus do not have dogs so they never thought about it. But Mummy’s experience in Germany has always been positive.

Germany is very dog-friendly!  But I’m done with my panting for the day and finally went to sleep. It was a very long day for me and Mummy.

May’s comment: Well, we found out that George gets quite spooked out with loud noises and different flooring.  He has always been anxious in cars and something I need to work on. But once out of any moving vehicles, he is fine and loves to explore. Now, let’s get on another plane tomorrow to Mallorca and then we can all chill!!!

But looking at all the items that Beate got us shows how much effort goes into doggy care in Germany. Interesting products.


  1. Laura Cordovano

    May, those calming drops really help. You can get them at any pet store. My dogs are big panters and they nod off with the drops. Vets recommend them. They’re really great. Poor Georgie! I think he must have a lot of terrier in him. Xo

  2. Davina Lawrence

    Hi George hope you have had a nice holiday. I was so happy to see that you have met another Johnny. Did you have a great play with him? I will bring my Johnny to the next meet at Hyde park so you can have a good run together.

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