Kisses for Marie (a Bolonka) in Dusseldorf

Another day, another car ride to the airport, another panting session
img_6326 And Sylvia was imitating my panting in the car. Not nice!img_6327 We arrived at the airport in plenty of timeimg_6328At Air Berlin’s check-in, Mummy asked if I needed to be carried in a bag. Unlike Heathrow, I was allowed to be on the lead at Düsseldorf Airport until we boarded the plane.

We were also welcomed into the Lounge.

And there we even met another pooch, Marie, a Bolonka. She was also going to Mallorca.img_6332We have only met one Bolonka in London. Marie was a little shy at first meetingimg_6333But she soon gave in to my charming ways. We even started to play with each other.img_6338After awhile we both decided to chill
as we psyched ourselves up to board another flight. Apparently Marie doesn’t like being in her bag and she also pants like me. But then she would stop and fall asleep.  This gave Mummy an idea.

Unfortunately Marie was getting on an earlier flight.

Mummy was busy writing about our story so I asked to see what she was writingimg_6345Yeah, I like that photo of me and Marie.
img_6350And then it’s time to get mind over matter and be ready for the next haul of our journey.img_6347As we arrived at the Boarding Gate, I was ushered into the Sleepy Pod Air. Mummy carried me on board and put me under the seat.  img_6351I started panting again but Mummy was not allowed to put the bag on her lap, like she had done on Lufthansa.

Finally after an hour and forty-five minutes, Mallorca was in sight.img_6352We got off the plane and I got out of the bag! img_6355And we collapsed my Sleepy Pod Air (thank goodness) while we waited for luggage at baggage claim.

But we were once again back in a car going to Manuela’s house near Arta.img_6357-2When does this journey end?

May’s comment: Having met Marie’s owner in the Lounge gave me the idea that if I left George alone, he would eventually settle down in the bag – which he did! If I picked up the bag and put my hand inside to stroke him, he just continued to be anxious.  So that was a good tip.

But he continues to be anxious when we’re in the car. He had never been anxious travelling in trains before. Maybe it could have been because he had always travelled with Darcy and felt comforted to be with her.  Will have to see what happens the next time we all travel together.

Or put him in a bag every time we get in the car. Or give in and get him a thunder shirt to try or Pet Calm. Desperate to stop that panting in the car. It’s not very pleasant for anyone in those close quarters.

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  1. Fiona Weller

    I definitely recommend the thunder vest, Lucy used to be the same( panting)

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