Looking Back to a Year of Cockapoo Meets

We had our last meet of 2013 on 15th December.  Every meet has been a highlight for me.

It all began as a thought that Mummy had – wouldn’t it be nice if I have other cockapoo friends to play with.  

Then on one of our early Sunday morning Hyde Park walks in January this year, I met Zavia – who looked like a mini-me.  We chased each other around and she kept bothering me.  I am older, you see.  Then Mummy started talking to Zavia’s Daddy, Lucas. He told Mummy that his partner then, Stacy, was thinking of getting together cockapoos. Mummy could not believe her ears. She got Stacy’s number and was going to call her.

The next morning, Mummy and I were walking with Rocko in Hyde Park when we ran into Zavia again – this time with Stacy! What a coincidence. Immediately Stacy and Mummy started talking about setting up a Cockapoo Meet in Hyde Park and by that following Sunday – 13 January, we had four crazy cockapoos for our first meet …

13 Jan 2013 (2)Mummy and Lucas with Zavia, Charlie, Rocko and me (Meet Nr. 1)

13 Jan 2013 (1)By the end of our walk – we were six!

Mummy and Stacy started to recruit every cockapoo they meet on all their walks in the park. They decided that we would meet every three weeks. So by the time we had our next walk on 2 February – we were nine!

2 Feb 2013 (4)

And at the end of that second walk, we were 10! (Meet Nr. 2)

2 Feb 2013 (1)

On the 23rd February, we had our Meet Nr. 3 – we were 11!  Love this photo because one of our pals wouldn’t come for the group photo and had his little head sticking up on the corner. I think that’s Rusty!


March 17 was St. Patrick’s Day! It was Meet Nr. 4 – we had green ribbons but sadly it was also Zavia’s last walk with us before she moved to Nice. 🙁  From that point on, Katie took over from Stacy and both she and Mummy continued to fulfill the Stacy’s dream – she wanted to achieve 20 cockapoos! By now we were averaging about 14 – not far to go.


On the 14th April, we had meet nr. 5 – 14 April and Dash is trying to do a dash! We still weren’t very good in getting all the poos to come together so there were a few missing but we were more than 10 that day.


Meet Nr. 6 – 28 April – we were 12!


Meet Nr. 7 – 18 May – we were a bit disorganised that day and the group picture didn’t quite happen so we don’t really know how many were!


Mummy and I missed Meet Nr. 8 – as we were travelling.

Summer cometh and the weather got even better for Meet Nr. 9 on 30 June

IMG_1183We were 13+

Meet Nr. 10 – 21 July

IMG_1801We were still hovering around 14+

Meet Nr 11 – 18 August

IMG_1263We were 15+

Meet Nr 12 – 8 September

IMG_2046Hooray! We were 20+ (we can count 20 on the photo but soon after the group photo, others came along)

Meet Nr 13 – 22 September

IMG_2870Again we were 18+

Meet Nr 14 – 26 October  – a Halloween themed meet – a lot of orange and black


After a longer than usual break with Mummy and Katie being away, we met up again on 8th December for Meet Nr 15. The weather has turned and it’s colder now. Regardless 19 cockapoos came out to play. Sorry, there was a cavapoo and a spoodle!

Our last meet of the year was on 15 December – a Christmas themed meet.


As it was nearing Christmas so some had to leave early while others came late – but we were 20+ Fun was had by all – a nice way to end the year of cockapoo meets!

We look forward to more meets and more cockapoos in 2014!

May’s comment: What began as a dream to have our lovely poos play with other poos, it’s been an amazing and happy commitment – to have cockapoos play together – to see they unbridled joy and pure happiness in chasing each other.  Darcy has grown up over the year – she will be three in February.  She’s a bit more aloof these days and will hardly do the cockapoo dash – someone said she’s in her early 20’s and reading philosophy – so feeling a bit more self important. Actually I think she’s reading The Squirrel’s Anatomy – all she wants to do is chase them.  But it is still special to see them altogether – and to see all the happy, proud owners standing around watching their poos socialise. What a lovely group of people – if I may add!


  1. Judith Vogel

    Dear Darcy,
    What a great year you’ve had and are still having! I love reading about and seeing photos of all your friends out and about and enjoying life!
    On my “Christmas Card Shelf” is a beautiful picture of you that your mummy sent to our family. I love it and it will remain in sight because it’s so beautiful and reminds me of you and all your doings!
    Lots of licks and tickles,
    Your friend,

    • Miss Darcy

      Oh, thank you! I am so glad you like our card and that it will have a place in your home. xox

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