Zebedee Do Dah!

This is Zebedee.  He is a Jack Russell and he lives with Uncle Robert and Aunty Pernilla.

P1010551Today he lives in lovely home with a beautiful garden and acres of woods to run in.  P1010510But he’s quite indifferent towards me – he lets me alone and watches me from a distance. I don’t know why …P1010522 P1010509

… but I do know that he did not have a happy beginning.

Zebedee arrived at his previous forever home from a rescue centre in Ireland. He lived with a family along with a few other dogs, cats, horses – etc, etc. But he was consistently being locked out of their home. He was about five years old and apparently he pooped in their home. He was not toilet trained so he was being punished.

So being left outside on his own, he wandered around and befriended anyone who gave him food. He found some builders who were working on a nearby home who fed him. When the builders left, he would wander down the road to the pub to look for food and any attention he could get.  At the end of the day, the pub owners would bring him down the road and asked everyone who he belonged to. When the neighbours complained to the owners, they tied him up outside – to stop him from being a nuisance. From a disadvantaged position, he would then be teased by the children.

Aunty Pernilla had seen little Zebedee huddled outside her home, shivering with cold. She saw him being tortured by the children. She knew she had to do something. So one day Aunty Pernilla decided to give him a try – knowing full well that his owners no longer welcomed him home. He was indeed not toilet trained.  In her dilemma, she gave him another chance. After coaxing him to enter her home, she fed Zeb, then took him out for a walk before settling down for the night. And the next morning she took him out for a walk again. He never pooped in the house again. We think it was as basic as that – he needed to go for walks.

Uncle Robert and Aunty Pernilla then decided to take him in. They were worried that he might wander off again to his previous owners or down to the pub, or go looking for the builders. But from the day, when Aunty Pernilla told Zeb’s previous owners that she would take him, he never ever left his forever home. He never ran away though there wasn’t a fence to keep him in, and he never pooped in the house though he had a free rein in the house.  You see, we dogs are smart, we know who will provide us our sustenance and the love – that’s all we ask for.

So I can understand that he did not have a loving early life.  And maybe all the other dogs bullied him and because of that, he stays very much to himself.P1010521

It’s alright Zeb, I am glad you are finally in a home who understands you and will never be left outside again. And maybe one day you will realise that other dogs are fun to be with too.

But by then end of my stay, Zebedee was a lot less distant. When we went to the beach together, we were a team. When he saw other dogs and barked out of nervousness and defence, I would bark at them too – telling them to lay off.P1010576 Together we walked the beach – I hope I am gaining his trust.P1010575

May’s comment: I only really learnt about Zebedee’s story this time and it makes it so much more real when I know where his previous owners live. Because Zeb was an inconvenience, they punished him.  They never thought that maybe it is their responsibility to take care of the pets in their home.

But Zeb, who is now 10 years old has been in his forever home for five years now.  He is much-loved and well looked after and has the best home where he can run outside chasing rabbits or sitting in the sun. P1010604Or he can snuggle with his owners by the fireside after a healthy supper.

Another happy ending. 🙂

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