1,100,000+ people care

More than a million people from 150+ countries have signed the Soi Dog ePetition asking Thailand’s rulers to help shut down the illegal dog meat trade in Thailand.

Many of you are a part of this global movement and it is starting to make a difference.

1. Billboards are going up across Northern Thailand – telling Thai people about the dog meat trade and offering a reward for information that leads to arrests.  The next step is to place those billboards along the Laos/Vietnam border.

The effects are already being seen – it is starting to cripple the operations of dog meat traders.

2. It has attracted global media coverage and adding pressure on the Thai authorities to act.

3. In fact, the Thai authorities have recently rushed through the first ever Animal Welfare Bill in the country – it “prohibits cruel treatment of animals, demands a certain level of care for captive animals, gives police new powers to act on animal cruelty and increases penalties for offenders.

Not yet making dog trading illegal but it’s going in the right direction. The petition needs to continue to help bring about change by demanding the authorities implement the law.

If you are not yet a part of a powerful global effort to spare thousands of dogs from torture and death please join us. Or if you are already on board, continue to share this.

Soi Dog’s goal is to reach 1.5 million signatures – so the Thai govt knows that it’s a worldwide plea. Please sign or share – Stop Dog Trade petition

May’s comment: This is  from Soi Dog Campaign Update

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