No stopping George!

Didn’t take George even a nanosecond to begin to enjoy being at House of Mutt!

He even takes centre stage during cuddling activities – while I reserve mine for Mummy only.10620733_1061351320548790_6254749635948526702_n-2

But at day’s end – we still find each other.
May’s comment: This is Sarah’s first impression of George – “he is absolutely fabulous and the ideal mucker for Darcy – he’s up for everything and full of enthusiasm and just doesn’t let her get away with being too serious! He’s dashing in and out of everywhere and playing with everyone, and when Darcy hasn’t joined in he comes over to roll upside down in front of her to make her play. Lovely to watch!”

Affirmation is reassuring.

Dear Georgie – I was not expecting you. But at first meeting, I sort of knew you would be staying.  Even then it took others to show me how special you really are (because I was caught up in my thoughts).

You have brought a whole new dimension to our lives.  As Sarah said, you do help to bring out the playful side of Darcy. And you taught me that loving another is never the same because everyone is different.

You may still have some of your demons but over time you will realise that we are here to protect you from harm.  That you will never feel you have to fend for yourself. And you are never on your own ever again.

In time our love will bond us three, that you be rest assured we will always share our space with you.  You are family.


  1. Carol

    So lovely!

  2. Laura cordovano

    So touching May!

  3. Joan

    Furever loves comes in different shapes and sizes…and when you least expect it.

  4. Maggie Danks

    A lovely sentiment May. Your blogs really lift my spirits.

  5. Maggie

    Mine too May. Xx

  6. Alison Mullett

    Aw. I shed a tear. George is lucky to have found you two as well sometimes fate just takes a hand!

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