A 25-hour Journey

Good bye Renate!  Thank you so much for hosting us in your beautiful home and for showing us around Berlin.

And so we began our journey home.  We made it to Berlin Hauptbahnhof just in time as the train pulled into the station – Renate walked us to the platform.IMG_7080 IMG_7081Are we are really going home this time?IMG_7083 George just kept looking out at the world – fascinated by what’s out there.IMG_7084 IMG_7086 IMG_7085We had the compartment to ourselves which made it a lot less stressful for Mummy – as she didn’t have to watch over us and what we were doing.IMG_7095 Still it was a bit boring.IMG_7090All we could do was change positions …IMG_7094 IMG_7091 Really, really boring.IMG_7108Finally we’re getting off – hooray! But where are we? Back in Amsterdam?!?!?! What? Six and a half hours later cooped up in the train, we’re still not home?IMG_7099Mummy said we now have to take a train to Hoek van Holland to catch the ferry, but we were right in the middle of rush hour as we had arrived at 17.00.

We found the train that took us to Schiedam that would then let us take another train to the port. As it was so crowded, we couldn’t take up another seat and as this was after all Holland, there were a few bicycles where we were sitting. So this nice lady offered to hold George while I sat on Mummy’s lap so we don’t get in the way.
IMG_7111But she had to get off at Schipol Airport – so this kind gentleman who was also getting on the ferry offered to take me!  And the lady next to him said George doesn’t look like a George. Another person chimed in and said – maybe it’s because he has salt and pepper hair like George Clooney and everyone including the lady who didn’t think so at first, nodded in agreement! Spot on! And Mummy qualified it further and told all of them – and he is equally charming! IMG_7114 We got off at Schiedam and as the gentleman had a bicycle, the lady next to him, carried George off the train. We got onto the next train and the gentleman again held George – and he saw us safely inside the terminal.IMG_7116We had plenty of time as the ferry wasn’t sailing till 22.30 and we were already at the terminal by 20.00.

Before Mummy could board, we had our passports checked. Nerve wrecking!IMG_7117 The lady officer looked at our passports for a long time and then said to Mummy that the vet did not fill in the time he had administered the Milbemax – and she could have denied us entrance to the UK. But because it was more than 24 hours since the date of our vet visit, she let us through!IMG_7120Oh my goodness! That was a bit close!!!!
IMG_7121 Then she gave us one of these cards – just in case we get stopped in Harwich.  Look! Aunty Beate was right – we suspected there’s some cat in George. IMG_7158So that’s me on the left and George on the right!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Phew! We hurried on … to the ship, the sign says!

IMG_7122Hurry! Hurry! We walked forever along this ramp …IMG_7125 Hmmm, what’s that smell? Something fishy?IMG_7132 Finally, there’s an end to this …IMG_7131We’re going on board George, this way!IMG_7133 Yup! Let’s go!IMG_7134 Oh no! Wait! We’re back at the kennels! IMG_7141 I am not liking this – because I am tired, and I am hungry. I haven’t had much to eat the last two days and now Mummy isn’t giving us supper – because someone told her we will survive for up to five days without food. Who was that who told her that?!?!?!

I really wasn’t happy. So it wasn’t George who cried this time – I did because it is yet another night without Mummy and I was starving.IMG_7136Mummy came by to see us before she went to sleep and told me we’ll be hoe in the morning. It was going to be a rocky ride as the winds were very strong.  Mummy kept a watch over us though from her room and she could see that I was barking a lot while George had settled down.IMG_7137Finally the morning came not a minute too soon.  We had already reached the harbour by 05.00 but we weren’t allowed off till 06.30.  When Mummy came to get us, I was more than ready to go. IMG_7138Even though it was early, there was a lot of going on.  There were announcements about who’s getting off and where and people just getting to the elevator while we were getting off as well. When Mummy came to get us, I was ready to get off!!!!

There was a connecting train to London that did not run till 07.15 – so Mummy took the opportunity to walk us along the platform for us to release ourselves. Thank you.

IMG_7142As we rode the train, the sun was rising.  It was that early …IMG_7157 George is getting the hang of itIMG_7145 While I dozed all through the journey because I hardly rested last night – IMG_7159Yes, I took a seat even though it was rush hour. The train was full but what to do? I was a sleepy dog.

We finally arrived at Liverpool Station at 09.16 and Mummy couldn’t jump into a cab soon enough. And as I looked out the window, I was really glad to be home. Ahhhhh, London.IMG_7163 But of course none of our rides have been short. But I can smell the familiar scents and I know the sights, so I was more chilled – and I am sitting with Mummy.IMG_7171We finally arrived home a little after 10.00 – which would have been 11.00 in Berlin – so it was almost 25 hours of travelling.

May’s comment: It really wasn’t too bad. Would I do it again? Yes, in a heartbeat! Just another destination would make it more challenging not knowing where you’re going.  But they were two very good dogs. A bark every now and then from Darcy at some people she did not take a liking to. And George releasing himself a couple of times when he’s not supposed to. They were otherwise amazing travel companions. Yes, I had less sleep than I would have otherwise but I rather travel through life with them than not.  And if I found a travel companion to go on these trips – it will be even easier!!!

But thanks to Alice Foxx who supplied me with a lead that I can strap around myself so I have a free hand while Darcy walked nicely with it, and George in a bag to carry so I don’t have to deal with his zigzagging was a great help. And finally learning how to pack to travel with one roller bag – easy-peasy!

Where should we go next?


  1. Maggie Danks

    You must all be exhausted but I bet you are glad to be back in your own house. So,, where next May?

  2. jane phillps

    I am full of admiration for you May. Miss Darcy, you are a star. George, your life will never be the same and you are a star in the making. Love all three of you to bits. You brighten my ay. Hugs and xx’s..to you all.

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