The Magic Carpet

If there was a real magic carpet, maybe we could have been home a lot sooner but …this “Magic Carpet” was amazing!!!!

So George did not fully past his toilet training test. He almost did but blew it at the very end.

He was superb on the way over –  maybe all the in between stops was a help for him.  But he can already hold up to six hours. So this was what happened.

The train journey direct from Berlin to Amsterdam proved too much of a challenge for him.  We had been out walking earlier that morning at around 8:30am. We boarded the train at 10:30 – the journey was almost seven hours.  I needed to go too but I am such a pro at this but then towards the end we got bored so we started playing with each other – big mistake. George was over excited from playing that he could no longer hold himself.  And we knew he couldn’t because he did not even try to hide but sat right in front of Mummy and released himself!  He must have stayed like that for a whole minute – the longest minute in Mummy’s life!!!

I walked away and stood looking at Mummy wondering how she was going to react.  IMG_7103I knew that was a big no-no. George, I had to go too but I didn’t!

That puddle grew and grew and Mummy didn’t know what she was going to do. We still had 45 minutes on the train –  when before her very eyes, the puddle was absorbed into the carpeting – it literally disappeared – no trace at all!

Mummy knew she couldn’t be mad at him but did tell him “NO!” – just in case he gets the idea that it’s ok for future reference.  But I think he knew he shouldn’t have done it. He walked over and sat by Mummy’s feet with the most guilty look on his face. IMG_7100Thankfully we were the only ones in the compartment.  We were so close George – so, so close to your having a clean record.  Well, no, you did make a couple of other mistakes.

He stayed sitting there at Mummy’s feet feeling very guilty until a few minutes later when someone joined us in our compartment.  And this big guy walked right over it – Mummy was watching it with her eagle eyes. It made no squishy sound, it had no trace except if you knew what had happened and probably would only know if walking on barefoot.

May’s comment: I don’t believe George is two years old – as was told. I think he is still very young. He now knows it is unacceptable to pee indoors but there are times when he literally cannot hold it. He has learnt to hold himself now for at least five hours at a time. And he walks like a puppy – zig-zagging. He’s also very playful. His teeth are still incredibly clean but his fangs are HUGE! He’s also got a half underbite, i.e. his right lower jaws protrudes further than the left – I just realised. That’s why sometimes his right lower tooth sticks out!


  1. Alison Mullett

    Poor George. I’m sure he was really sorry! Thank goodness for the carpeting! Safe journey home you three xxx

  2. Maggie Danks

    Poor little George,, he does look very sorry bless his wee heart! X

  3. Carol Parkin

    I have so enjoyed following your journey.I am currently almost housebound caring for my very elderly father so your adventures have been my escape!Also inspiring me to be more adventuresome with my two pooches when my father is a little better.Poor George-I can see by his face he feels guilty.I think all three of you are so brave.Thank you for sharing your adventures. Carol +Ruby and Roxy xx

  4. Laura cordovano

    Darcy is such an angel. Her face is hilarious…and poor George. He wants to please so badly. I think you are right. He has a lot of puppy in him. I just love reading your posts.

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