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May’s comment:  It hasn’t always been a smooth sailing year.  And while I had many offers from others to take him – because they either “connected” to him or “that’s exactly the dog they’ve wanted” – and many a time I wondered if it was the right thing I had done, a year on, I cannot imagine our lives without him.

Looking at the George we know today, he definitely looks different. For one, his lower lip was lacking in pigmentation when he arrivedIMG_3811-5Today there’s still a small spot left and maybe in time it too will change colour.  But it doesn’t really matter because in my eyes he’s a handsome boy.Edit-Biscuiteers-x-Dogs-Trust-event-093-580x872He was not a puppy when he arrived. He was estimated to be about 18 months. He weighed about 5kg and today he is 5.45kg. He remains slender but almost for sure, his legs have grown and he seems longer as his Equafleece all seem a little stretched.

His hair after three months had a spurt of growth and it’s really thick now.

He can do recall – if he’s not being naughty. But naughty he was for a couple of months when his confidence grew and he started to show his old street-dog self – resource guarding when it has anything to do with food and affection.

He has always been Mr. Social from day 1 and still continues to win people over –IMG_4131His usual stance when he meets someone.

The year has indeed flown by so quickly.

If I wasn’t knocked over with a gallbladder infection, George and I would have taken our first trip abroad together – just us two. And today we would have been sailing across the Channel to arrive in Harwich. It would have been a re-enactment of his entry to the U.K. a year to date.

Instead we are spending the day apart.  He’s off with Jaffa’s family for the weekend while Darcy is at House of Mutt. It is really for my own sentimentality. I am just happy to have them in my life – and when we are altogether again, we will just give each other lots of hugs.


  1. Bev

    I hope you are recovering well May xx

  2. Alison Mullett

    Get well soon May. Then you and George can take that trip! X

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