Getting sorted

It’s still me, George continuing my story.

Well, you know “foster Mummy” – she wasn’t sitting there admiring me. She was contemplating how she should go about getting a collar that fitted me so I do not slip out of it when walking.

But maybe it’s better to get a harness as I was so dinky.  But to get a harness she needed to make sure it fitted and I might be easier for me to walk with it.  And as I wouldn’t walk anyway to the shops she bundled me up in a bag!IMG_3828And I took my first bus ride along Kings’ Road to Purple Bone to find me a harness.IMG_3836-2But because I still needed a tag I kept Darcy’s collar on me. I wasn’t very uncoordinated – blue harness, using one of Darcy’s red leashes and a pink and brown collar with a pink tag. It didn’t bother me but “foster Mummy” was totally perturbed by the ensemble!IMG_3840Strange, I thought – what’s all this stuff I suddenly found on my body and constantly being held onto.

May’s comment: He wasn’t my dog yet and I knew I should not be investing too much in him. But I needed to be able to walk him – so got him a harness. Well, maybe a matching collar and lead. My little contribution to his new life as a city dog.

Oh, and a haircut by Nikki – he was unsure what was going on, but George aka Bobo was a brave boy. He took everything in stride. These days when he goes to the Spa, he lifts each paw daintily to be trimmed, he stands still without a harness be cut. He loves being washed and blow dry. He just loves any pampering.IMG_4027-2And a vet visit to be sure he has nothing that would be of concern to me and also for Darcy’s welfare.

We did get sorted pretty quickly. 🙂

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