Two candles for Stanley!!!

Yesterday was Stanley’s second birthday and we were invited to his birthday tea party …IMG_7684Jaffa, me, Stanley and George

Stanley was so excited to have everyone there, he had to tell his daddyIMG_7627And so were we – me checking out what treats could Annie be giving us while Jaffa and George waited patiently
IMG_7620Before cake time we had a run in the garden – doing our doodle dashIMG_7630And then came running back to the house when it was time for birthday cake!IMG_7629First Stanley opened his presents
IMG_7636He got a squeaky turkey which he pursued to destroy – sitting in his bed, chewing it upIMG_7639When the doorbell rang, in came Lettie, the WestieIMG_7640Lettie is 18 years old but she’s looking good! She’s quite deaf apparently so she watched us as we playedIMG_7646She brought cupcakes for all of us!IMG_7643And then it was time for the cake – and Stanley was just beyond happy it was his birthday!IMG_7652After his mummy blew out the candles, she cut the cake into bite size pieces for usIMG_7660And we all had someIMG_7664Here’s Georgie, just after he had gulped his downIMG_7667But what goodies are the humans having, eh? IMG_7671They’re not sharing.
IMG_7670While Lettie sat watching us youngsters up to no goodIMG_7672May’s comment: Happy Birthday Stanley! Thank you Andrew and Annie for letting us be a part of your lives. We are blessed.IMG_7681Lovely cake from Mrs. Bishop’s Doggy DeliIMG_7656IMG_7668

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