What or who is under the tree?

It’s Jaffa-kins!IMG_7569 Georgie asked, “Why are you sitting underneath the tree, Jaffa?  Are you their surprise?IMG_7567Can I come and join you?IMG_7568Jaffa’s away with her family and we’re missing her – especially George. Jaffa is his BFF.

Over the last month when our hoomans have been so busy leading up to Christmas, we’ve been there for each other, especially George and Jaffa. We’ve spent many days together, going for walks and playing at each other’s home. Thankfully we had each other.  Sometimes I went about with Mummy leaving George and Jaffa to play together. On some days, Jaffa came to spend the afternoon with us – we each had our own bed …IMG_8380So we’re just thinking about our many friends this holiday season. We are lucky pups to have so many.


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