A beautiful Rainbow

Sometimes when it rains and the sun comes out, the combination gives us a beautiful rainbow.

This is like the sad tale of Sunshine (Sunni) and the tears of her mummy and daddy when they had to say good bye to her.  What then happened was a pretty Rainbow (Bow) that came into their lives.

We had been in touch with Sandra since the sad days of Sunni and then waited with great excitement at the birth of their new puppy. And since then we have been following Rainbow’s progress since she was two weeks old.

So last Saturday, we went to Cambridge to meet beautiful Bow who had just turned 14 weeks..IMG_8129

Bow’s mummy, Sandra had booked a table for us at The Clarendon Arms – under my name – so it was obviously dog friendly..IMG_8088She was so cute – and of course Mummy was holding her close …IMG_8141So did PraewaIMG_8084She gave lots of kisses tooIMG_8099And the humans compared Bow and me –IMG_8109At the moment she is less than half my size
IMG_8118She’s quite red and I am already a pale apricotIMG_8110In the excitement of meeting Bow, poor Georgie was feeling a little left out, so he got some special time with Sandra, IMG_8091Lunch was over too quickly and it was sad to say goodbye to Bow.  We don’t think this will be the only time we’ll see her.

We had a long adventurous day. From being in a new town, trying new experiences (like falling into the river), new sights, new smells and meeting new friends – we were all a bit exhausted by the time we boarded the train.  Georgie was wiped out.IMG_8151So was I.IMG_8153And Praewa too. I guess Mummy stayed up to take our photosIMG_8154May’s comment: Bow is gorgeous and so glad to have met Sandra and Ed. We have never met before and it was through the love of our dogs that brought us together. And this was just pure love sharing!

This is not a one-off. We will be keeping up with Bow’s progress and we can’t wait to see her again but really glad to have seen her teeny-tiny at 14 weeks.

Thank you Sandra, Ed and Bow – for taking the time to meet up. Thank you for sharing Bow with us. She’s absolutely adorable. xxx


  1. Sandra Stinson

    Dear Darcy and George. Your Mummy has written such a lovely story about how we got to know each other and our meeting. I hope the next time we meet we can have a run together on the beach or in a park so that I can chase you

  2. Sandra Stinson

    Happy endings captured beautifully May. We really enjoyed meeting you instantly felt a warm friendship. I,m sure we could have talked a lot longer sharing our love for our dogs. We will definitely keep in touch.
    Until next time xxx

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