A Black Penny Brunch

Mummy had read about The Black Penny Coffee Shop in Covent Garden and called ahead to be sure it was dog-friendly.

It’s not a part of London that we frequent – maybe Mummy does but it’s usually too busy to take us doggies along, so it must have sounded good for her to make a special effort to take us.

Located along a row of other restaurants, bars and cafes on Great Queen Street, The Black Penny is understated, and can be easily missed unless you know it or looking for it specifically, like we were.
IMG_0533 Hmmm, bare brick walls, old wooden floors and industrial type furnishings – all feel very Covent GardenIMG_0538 Ah yes, we like the displays and decor.IMG_0540They were not serving food on a Saturday till 9am and we were incredibly early that day – we had been to the flower market, you see.  So Mummy had a cup of green tea while we waited till the kitchen opened.
IMG_0556Mummy had read about an item on the menu that she really wanted to try. IMG_0562Mummy loves duck and on the menu was crispy duck hash with poached egg, sweet potato and spinach. IMG_0563Verdict – highly recommended. It was so good, she did not share even one teensy-weensy bit.

May’s comment: The Black Penny, a play on words of the original “Penny Black” – the world’s first adhesive postage stamp, costing 1p was issued in Great Britain on 1 May 1840.1dblackhigh_0On the day the cafe opened every dish sold for a penny! They got the customers in and they have remained very loyal, it seems. And I can see why.

Open for breakfast and lunch, they are known for their gourmet coffees and health-conscious fare from organic produce, the dishes served were familiar but with a twist.IMG_0534Address: 34 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5AA

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  1. Laura

    Wow the food looked great! I love Covent Garden so will definitely give it a try! Especially if I can take my doodles with me… I love your blog…

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