A Bluebird date

The Bluebird Club is one of our neighbourhood haunts for many years – but we were only allowed to sit in the courtyard.

And then things started to change.

New ownership, new manager – whom Mummy met. She asked if they could let dogs into the café. The new owners did not object but didn’t implement it either. It took a new manager to think alike and when the new manager approached the subject, it all began to go in the right direction … our direction! We found out only recently that they have started to allow dogs not only allowed inside the Bluebird Café – (we went to watch the game that England lost. )But we are also now allowed in the bar area in the Restaurant upstairs.

When we were invited to a private dinner in the Bluebird Club – I went as Mummy’s date!How nice was that!

And if you’re wondering – “where’s George?” – he was at Stanley’s – it was the night before our early morning travel to St. Tropez!

Welcome to dog-friendly Bluebird Chelsea! Come this winter, we don’t need to look like the unwanted sitting outside in the cold, covered with blankets. LOL!

May’s comment: Been long “campaigning” this one – always asking everyone who served us – why wasn’t it dog friendly besides just the courtyard?It just didn’t make sense as we live in such a dog-friendly neighbourhood but it takes the right person in the right place to make the decision.

One we happily add to our Wine and Dine List!


  1. Well done and thank you for achieving this. Now we can go there even when the weather is not nice.

    • Miss Darcy

      We kept asking but it takes the power that be to make the change. And yes now we don’t have to look like we’re the unwanted ones sitting in the cold!

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