A restful place for a quiet weekend walk

After returning home from our travels, we opted for a quiet weekend – 

and what could be more restful than a walk in the cemetery.The Brompton Cemetery, a Grade I listed London cemetery is just up the road from us. We go there ever so often but it is not a place where we are allowed off leash to run. We have to follow certain paths. We’re not allowed down many of the lanes. Even so, it is a nice change and a lovely place to walk through. To stop and ponder, Or sit with quiet thoughts.It is restful place for the many here …but they too once had busy lives.But now they rest peacefully amongst the trees and undergrowth. Therefore, we ,use respect their resting place and tread quietly.

Truth be told, many a time we’ve been there and we’ve seen dogs off leashes and not taking that one path we’re suppose to be on.

May’s comments: Managed by The Royal Parks, and one of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries, it is the resting place of over 200,000 people.  There are over 35,000 gravestones and monuments nestled amongst the trees and undergrowth. The cemetery is alive with the amazing stories of all the people buried there since the 1830s, including some well-known names like Emmeline Pankhurst and John Snow.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery and Big Lottery funds, the spectacular chapel has been recently restored to its original glory. There’s also a new café and visitors centre by the North Lodge – so it makes walking to the end of the cemetery a nice destination.

An interesting observation – we once had a dog walker who took Darcy – and they only walked through the cemetery, and he was quite a careful dog walker. He never let his dogs off leash. He doesn’t walk Darcy any more and it’s been many years since then. But to this day, when I take her to the cemetery, even when I let her off leash when we walk the designated path, she would never run. Anyone who knows Darcy would know she takes off like a bullet whenever we’re in the parks. 🙂 


  1. Kathy Shoulders

    Cemeteries are so peaceful. I always wonder about the people’s lives in the graves.

  2. Liz Burman

    You’re very respectful Miss D’arcy, unlike young Georgie who made his feeling felt regarding the rules!!😂

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