Hallo Brugge!

The entourage is on the move again. Good bye Amsterdam! It’s been fun. 

The hotel made sure a six-seater dog-friendly taxi arrived to take us to the train station.

Train to Bruxelles Midi was delayed and another mad rush to another platform – with the whole entourage, and then another train to Brugge. The kiddies kept themselves occupied while I sat quietly under the seats. A couple of hours later, we arrived! We made it!

Hallo Brugge! (as in Flemish)

We arrived at yet another hotel!Isn’t this pretty?Ah, I remember this from last October when we dropped in for cocktails. This time we’re staying here.After checking in, we went for a little walk to stretch our legs … And headed over to have dinner at Le Chef et Moi! Just me and Mummy. Oh, a very large birdcage – thank goodness there wasn’t a large bird of prey in there.We waited to be seated.  Doesn’t it look like a lovely little restaurant?We were seated at a table by the window.  I was still a little knackered after all that travelling …But was revived once food was served.
My! Doesn’t that look delicious, Mummy?Mummy has been rationing my food portions for the rest of the trip so I got to eat some of her lovely cod with bread!  That was super yummy!

Well, it’s time for a rest before our adventures tomorrow.It was peaceful until we heard the kiddies across the courtyard!Even the bear ran away to hide.

May’s comment: In the past I’ve always wanted to stay in the rather charming Hotel de Orangerie. Brugge was always a day trip and the one time we stayed over, we had to try the eclectic, lovely bed & breakfast – The Dog House that is run by an English couple. There are only four rooms and I was sure our entourage wouldn’t fit in there when I was making the bookings for end of July. Besides we needed to be right in the heart of it all – for the “tourists”. But I would definitely return to it when it is just me and the dogs.

Hotel de Orangerie is on Kartuizerinnenstraat 10, 8000 BruggeAcross the canal/street from the hotel, next to the Groeningemuseum is Le Chef et Moi – a smallish, intimate restaurant. Located at 13 Djiver , 8000 Brugge 



  1. Ellen

    Cafe au lait is a favorite for waffles and doggies and kiddies welcome. Very casual cafe lots of families on weekend.

    De breteon for crepes is fun. Crepes are stuffed very full and interior is charming. Doggies welcome. Service is gruff.

    BbyB chocolates is my favorite chocolate shop unless something better has opened in the last 2 years.

  2. Ellen

    I think Saint Vincent for fries was also dog friendly.

    Guillaume and Patrick Davos on the fancier side were dog friendly.

    If you have time to go to Ghent. Temmerman Is a great candy store. The owner loves dogs!

  3. Cheryl

    I’m beginning to think you have missed your calling. You should be a travel agent! You certainly know how an where to go, and what to do once there!
    Have fun at the meet up this Sunday!

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