A Colourful Weekend

Unlike a week ago when our red/fuschia Equafleeces blazed the Yorkshire topography, this weekend, our coats blended right in everywhere we went!

IMG_3171Even a colourful Union Jack at Brora.IMG_3798 We thought Spring is already on its way. Why is Mummy still looking at cashmere?IMG_3794 Georgie got a head massage – and he stood there expecting more.IMG_3796Our coats blended right into the wall of colours at Smythson.  IMG_3789But it wasn’t always colourful. Someone suggested that with my blond locks, I would look foxy in black.  IMG_3777Mummy doesn’t agree. She wants me in reds and pinks – and demure!

But we weren’t completely starved of greens in the city – literally, not starved, like Mummy’s healthy lunch.
IMG_3780Zuchini noodles and kale? And a matcha “brownie”?  All looking very healthy.IMG_3786May’s comment: A short walk from Sloane Square is Raw Press – offering nourishing salads, breakfasts, snacks, as well as a delicious range of organic, freshly made juices. Located at – 3 Ellis St, London SW1X 9AL

P.S. We completely lucked out with the weather the days we were in Yorkshire. Hope everyone up there is alright. Sending warm hugs. x


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  1. Geraldine

    Could you explain more about that “brownie”? It looks like a bar of soap!

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