A Contemplative Day

What a difference a day makes. 

Today we were back to the park we know well – and we ran as far as the eye can see.IMG_4429 And we knew where we were …IMG_4456We played with the other dogs
IMG_4425And Mummy sat down where she can see us as ran up or down the slope … and we would sit, each in our own spot nearby …IMG_4460on the lookout for squirrelsIMG_4459 Georgie would even come and sit next to Mummy while he keeps a keen eye on themIMG_4468 And I look back to check if Mummy is still thereIMG_4479 And when I saw Georgie next to Mummy, I went to sit next to him as well.IMG_4475We walked to The Lido Cafe for some quiet time …
IMG_4446 As George watched calmly at those beasts of the air flying around teasing us with their callsIMG_4441 And I sat and pondered about what they are saying to each other – do they have their own “squirrels” to chase in the air, in the waterIMG_4451 What do you think, Mummy? All this is rather pleasant, isn’t it? IMG_4450No running around calling after us. Maybe we should do this more often.

May’s comment: They still ran afar, squirelling doesn’t stop here, but I can keep an eye on them.

But what I love most is when I am sitting down especially in this one spot, they always come and sit next to me. Someone came by and said she thought they’re my guard dogs! 🙂

When we were at the Lido Cafe and asked the gentleman at the next table to take our photo, his reply, “On one condition. That we take one of them home.”

“Which one? I asked. IMG_4448The little black one.

Oh, Georgie, what is it about you? Maybe it was for the same reason I chose to keep you.


  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Nothing much else to say but ahhh. They are both gorgeous don’t be sad D’arch you will always be special in mummy’s heart.x

  2. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    *D’arcy*…..predictive text strikes again! ! ! ! Xx

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