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A restful place for a quiet weekend walk

After returning home from our travels, we opted for a quiet weekend –  Read more…

No R.I.P. for these folks

Just along Fulham Road, in the middle of a busy thoroughfare, is a quiet place.  The Brompton Cemetery is a historical garden cemetery. This is where Mummy likes to go sometimes when she’s in a reflective mood. Read more…

Shhhh. It’s a Resting Place.

In a small corner of Hyde Park is the Pet Cemetery – a little secret place quietly hidden away from the public eye.  Mummy took me to visit the Pet Cemetery and to learn about its history.

Read more…

A Contemplative Day

What a difference a day makes.  Read more…


Look – a string of sunshine all day!!! And it’s London – yes, that’s right!!! Read more…

Little Pest!

An everyday occurrence … that little rat with a big tail sits there tempting me. I go into a hunt pose and then he scampers off before I get close enough!  Read more…

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Feed The Birds

After having seen “Saving Mr. Banks”, Mummy decided to watch Mary Poppins again. It’s been a very long time since she last saw it. Before long, the songs Mummy once knew well all came back – and got stuck in her head. Read more…

Brompton Cemetery Re-visited

This is the only park where I do not pull with great excitement as I approach it Read more…

My Kensington Garden Walk

We love our walks in Kensington Gardens. Not only is it fun to run, chase squirrels, meet and play with other pooches but there are lots of things to look at. Read more…