Ants! Ants! Ants!

There were huge ants at Old Street tube station!

Just kidding! LOL! It was a special exhibit in conjunction with the launch of the Ant-Man movie.  It was only a small exhibit – but I was not allowed in – said the security guard.IMG_9722In case I pooped and pee’d!!!!

So Mummy asked the nice lady there. She would have let me into that cubicle but she couldn’t because the security officer said so.  She offered to hold me while Mummy went in to have a look.  It’s pretty scary anyway with all those massive ants!IMG_9723It was a special exhibit of teeny-weeny sculptures and I mean microscopic teeny!!!  The sculptures had to be viewed through some super magnifying telescopes because each sculpture was smaller than the eye of a needle!!!

And of course there was Ant-Man himself!IMG_9737There he is!

And this is the big Ant-ManIMG_9732 And LOOK!!! One of the sculpture was a dog – supposedly a Maltese!  Mummy really wanted that one!!! 🙂IMG_9725 There were about six or seven of them and this one is of The Last Supper.IMG_9730 May’s comment: Sculptures by Willard Wigan on exhibit at the Old Street tube station till Monday.IMG_9731

Willard Wigan is an English sculptor who makes microscopic art. His sculptures are typically placed in the eye of a needle or on the head of a pin. A single sculpture can be as small as 0.005 mm.

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