Feeling Blue

Sitting in our blue room and feeling rather blue – wondering why I am not allowed on the bed.Looking longingly but was told “NO!” I thought, maybe it was just no for then, but when I tried to jump on the bed again – it was another resounding NO!IMG_8705 So what’s the deal, Mummy? Why have I been disallowed on the bed again?  Thought that was only in Berlin.IMG_8706May’s comment: Don’t you pity her! Of course she sneaked up on the bed when we fell asleep. In fact in the middle of the night she somehow battled Wendeline for her place on the pillow!


  1. Sarah Lockington

    Message from Barney……wait until Mummys asleep then jump up gently!

  2. Maggie Danks

    Yes,, sneak up when mummy is asleep!

  3. Haha, what a precious doggy:). And what posh gorgeous surroundings. And Barney chin up little guy that couch looks like it may be better than the bed:).

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