Breaking news: HEIDI has been found!

We told you about a search party last Sunday in the Surrey Hills to look for Heidi who ran away when she was spooked.  We just read from Find Heidi’s Facebook page that ten days since she went missing, she’s been found!!!!

We’ll be hearing the details of how they managed to get her home. For now, her mummy is busy giving her cuddles and making sure she has eaten.  Now her mummy needs a rest from all that worry and the endless efforts to find her, with amazing support and effort from so many. So many who just cannot imagine that dreadful feeling of knowing that your fur baby is out there in the cold – alone, hungry and cold but too scared to trust anyone.  And praying that no one is going to steal her. So this is a huge relief that she is fine and she is safe.

Heidi, please know you are in a safe place now and don’t ever do it again!!!! You had so many hoomans and us pooches worried about you.

May’s comment:  Going to bed with a happy heart knowing a pooch made it home safely. Giving my two a special hug and grateful that they are lying safely in bed with me.

Rest well, Melanie. I am sure you will sleep better tonight than you have been the last ten days.

This is how Heidi was “caught” and brought safely home. Thanks to a large group of people who dedicated their time to finding Heidi.  As told by Sarah Copus on Find Heidi’s Facebook page.

“I guess you would all like to know how the capture went down.
Well here goes….
After much deliberation and looking about, the executive decision was made about where to leave the trap (trap is a horrible word so I will call it a crate)!
The crates had already been put together by Nicki Scriven whilst Sarah M, myself and the groundsman at the RGS rugby ground watched on.
Then after standing around, either in the back of Nicki’s dog grooming van or by the side of it, eating doughnuts and drinking coffee we waited for the rain to stop, deliberated a little more and then with the help of 7 people we lifted the crate down the pavement, across the road, checking that the little minx watching watching us and thankfully, she was nowhere to be seen.
The trap/crate was then ‘primed’ and ready to go.
Nicki put the meat, which consisted of rump steak, treats and wonderful sardines into the crate and made a food trail from Mr Badger (R.I.P) to the trap/crate, one last check and we all walk away from crate and retreat to a safe distance.
Having done all we can for the moment some of the helpers left, some waited around and after 10 days to get to this point, didn’t really know what else to do.
I left as I had a wet feather down jacket on which was absolutely drenched and weighed half a ton.
Went home, got changed, went back.
Everyone was still there.
Nicki had to go and then saying their goodbyes slowly most of the others left to go back to work as they had come over just to help in their break.
Without them there that trap/crate would have been heavy and quite noisy to move into place.
You know who you are so thank you from me 🙂 !
OK. So there are now 3 people left there.
I had got into Trish’s car and Mel had arrived with Sally, Heidi’s sister.
We all got into my car which was opposite where the crate was (about 10 feet away on the other side of the road).
After a bit of a todo with one of the locals and her son, we got settled and started chatting.
Mid conversation Trish says “ooh, there she is”.
I couldn’t see her as she has changed colour a bit since being out in the wild for 10 days.
She is skulking down the fence line towards Mr Badger.
Once spotted, we are fixated on what she is going to do.
Mel by this time is close to tears having not seen her precious furbaby for 10 days.
Nothing is really said apart from “she looks good”, “oh nice, entrails”!
Then Heidi gets the smell of something new, so with entrails still being chewed she walks towards the crate.
Smelling the ground and nibbling on stuff as she goes.
She looks around a couple of times and straight at us!! I hope we’ve not blown it by parking too close but obviously not as the next thing we know is she is by the crate, sniffing the crate, in the crate!!!!
I felt sick!!!!
She discovers a piece of lovely 2 day old rump steak donated by Debbie and chomp, chomp, chomp, she sits down, another smell catches her attention, Ooh yummy it’s SARDINES, we are sitting in the car willing her towards the end of the crate to where the door release plate is. This has a huge piece of steak on it and she takes an eternity to get the far but eventually she stands on the plate and BAM, the door comes down and once she realises that it has, she goes nuts!!
Trish, Mel and myself get out of the car.
Mel stays on the other side of the road and Trish and I go over to the crate to reassure Heidi and to make sure she doesn’t get out as the adrenaline must be raging through her little body by now.
She almost gets the trap door open but with a well placed slip lead around the door it is secured.
She breaks the weld on one of the joints on the crate and try to dig her way out.
I call Mel to bring Sally from the car and slowly come over.
The second that Heidi sees Sally she settles down from trying to get out to laying down and settled.
Once she has settled a bit more Mel brings the car over, the crate is unloaded up to the crate door, the door is opened, Heidi gets transferred from trap/ crate to her own freshly clean car crate and the door is shut and put in the boot.
Trish is making sure she is OK and getting kisses and cuddles from Heidi, Mel is thanking and hugging us and I’m thinking at last, she is safe.
After that it’s the normal advice to Mel and thanks from everyone on Facebook etc.
So there you go that’s how it happened.”

Lesson to be learnt here on how to “trap” a dog when they have gone ferral after being in the “wild” for awhile.


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    Best news❣

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    Always good to hear when a missing loved one is found safe and well.

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    Fantastic news! Prayers answered!

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    So glad that Heidi made it home safely! She must have gotten a lot of hugs and kisses from her mummy!

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    Just amazing, well done all. I have tears streaming down my face as I read the story and how Heidi was finally safe. They are our family members, our babies and I can only imagine how horrific the last 10 days had been for Mel. Once again well done all. X

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    The best news ever. So happy that Heidi is safe again in the loving arms of her mummy.
    I just wish I could stop crying everytime I read this story.

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